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NewsScope for May 23, 2006

Stock Markets Swoon

Over the past two weeks the major stock markets have nose-dived after reaching significant new highs for the year. Since its high on May 10, the Dow fell over 600 points before regaining some traction, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq fell again Friday for its eighth consecutive loss, and the longest losing streak in 12 years.

The markets began to tumble when Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus were forming a Grand Trine (around May 8-10). The outer planet trine between Jupiter and Uranus was the second of three such link-ups, but the addition of Mars made this one extraordinarily influential. As some astrologers have noted, three or more planetary alignments tend to create major market shifts, and since this Grand Trine hit the U.S. Sun, the American markets were the most dramatically moved.

How far down can the markets go? While the third Jupiter-Uranus trine should provide some short-term relief (it's exact on August 29), the current position of transiting Pluto in the U.S. Second House of money is worrisome. The Crash of 1929 unfolded when transiting Saturn was at 26º Sagittarius, the exact same location that Pluto has occupied over the past two weeks.

The Crash of 1987 similarly took place during simultaneous Saturn and Uranus transits through late Sagittarius. Pluto's current tenure of this house can lead to a crisis of confidence, which translates to panic in the stock market. Pluto remains in this dangerous degree area through the end of 2007, by which time we may once again experience a market crash similar to 1929 and 1987.

Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth

Since Al Gore "lost" the presidential election in November 2000, he's been on the lecture circuit in an effort to wake people up about the problem of global warming. At one of his slide show presentations, Hollywood producer Laurie David became persuaded, and convinced Gore to make a documentary. The film An Inconvenient Truth is now completed and will be released nationwide on May 24.

Al Gore (March 31, 1948; 12:53 pm; Washington DC) was born with his Aries Sun opposite Neptune , a difficult combination for practical politicians, but ideal for film-makers and visionaries. With Leo Rising, and a triple Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in his First House, Gore is passionately driven to make a difference in the world, to be a reformer and heroic leader. 

One year ago transiting Saturn emerged from his Twelfth House and urged him to take responsibility for his vision. Saturn brought the opportunity to put his abstract ideas into a marketable product. In early April Saturn turned direct right on his Ascendant, as the film was completed, and prepared for distribution. Saturn continues to travel down through his horoscope, a passage which generally derails political ambition.

In sympathy with Saturn's downward glide, Al Gore has repeatedly stated that he is not planning to be a candidate in 2008. Nevertheless, his popularity—fueled by his evident passion for a worthy cause—continues to raise speculation about another run. His popularity is also being fueled by his Venus, which by secondary progression is squaring his Sun. This aspect happens to be exact in February 2008, at the height of the Democrat's selection process.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Split

Last week Paul McCartney and his wife of four years, Heather Mills*, announced their separation, and in a jointly-released statement, said that their parting is "amicable and both of us still care very much about each other." The sweetness of that public statement prompted one NewsScope reader to ask, "Will they really get a divorce, or reconcile?"

Paul McCartney (June 18, 1942; 2:00 pm; Liverpool, UK) was born with his Sun in multi-tasking Gemini, where it reigns over his horoscope near his career-oriented Midheaven. His Sun is modified by squares to imaginative Neptune near his Ascendant, and the parenting asteroid Ceres in his Seventh House of partners. This t-square formation describes Sir Paul's split devotion to his music ( Neptune ) and his family (Ceres).

At the moment, transiting Pluto is opposing Paul's Sun, indicating that the separation is far more of an intense power struggle than he would have us believe (with Neptune Rising, he could have us believe anything). Pluto will remain in this t-square for another two years, which circumscribes a long battle. Another key factor is McCartney's Juno (the marriage asteroid) in his Second House of money, a placement under great stress by being squared to natal Pluto and Chiron.

Coincidentally, Heather Mills (January 12, 1968) has her Juno in the exact same degree and sign as Paul, making their respective Junos a primary link between their two charts. With transiting Saturn and Chiron now bearing down on their Junos, the major question posed by the media is, how much will she get? Transiting Pluto in her chart is squaring her Chiron, which will ultimately reveal deep feelings of woundedness. Such pain may be healed for about $300 million.

*See NewsScope June 18, 2002 for an astrological peek into their marriage, and especially the Juno-Chiron link. The moral of this story is that if you are wealthy, and have Juno in your second house of money, make your partner sign a pre-nuptial agreement.


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