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Condoleezza Rice (born November 14, 1954, 11:37 am CST, Birmingham AL*) is the American Secretary of State, taking office upon the resignation of Colin Powell on January 26, 2005. That day featured a volatile Mars-Pluto conjunction at 24 Sagittarius, with transiting Neptune conjunct her own Mars, plus Jupiter squaring and Saturn conjunct her natal Moon. It may set the trend for her tenure. Secretary Rice's father was a Baptist minister, her mother a science and music teacher. She came from a solid middle class American family. Her name is an Italian musical term indicative of “with sweetness.”

Attractive Condoleezza was born with a close Sun-Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Both sit right at the Scorpio Midheaven of her horoscope, appropriate for a diplomat. But don't be fooled by appearance, as all three are at the midpoint of an extremely volatile Mars-Pluto. And in Scorpio, a sign noted to fight to the last breath. Yet at fifteen she was training to become a professional musician. Right now her global audience has just one request – “Give Peace A Chance.”

Condoleezza was eight years of age when a school friend Denise McNair was killed along with three others in the bombing of a Baptist Church by white supremacists on September 15, 1963. Her progressed Ascendant coming to conjunct a First House Mars, and progressed Mars squaring her Sun-Venus-MC made 1963 a year that would shape her attitude toward terrorism forever.

Rice followed her father's community connection. She gained her masters in political science from the University of Notre Dame, and began working for the US State Department in 1977. She soon switched political allegiance from the Carter Administration to the Republicans over differing views on overseas policy. Foreign affairs was her forte, and true to her Ninth House emphasis, she speaks several languages fluently.

As her progressed Sun moved to trine powerful Pluto, and her progressed Ascendant trined her Sun in 1989-90, Rice worked for the first George Bush, as a special assistant to the President on National Security Affairs, as his personal adviser on Russia and the Eastern bloc countries. But with the election of Democrat Bill Clinton, Rice returned to academic life this time as a Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. Enter George W. Bush.

Returning to a critical government post, she was elected National Security Advisor for the new Bush administration on December 17, 2000. Transiting Uranus simultaneously squaring her Sun-Venus-MC signaled this sudden change of public status. Equally interesting was foggy Neptune crossing her Ascendant, as she was to become a vital cog of the WMD sales team preceding the Iraq invasion.

Rice has frequently spoken out against the instability of the Middle. In the second half of 2006 she finds herself in the hotbed of it. As Israel launched massive retaliatory attacks on both the ruling Hamas party in the Gaza, and then began to comprehensively bomb Lebanon, Rice joined the UN in peacekeeping negotiations.

Appropriately, her progressed Mars all year was right above Israel, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon on the Cyclo*Carto*Graphy map. So Condoleezza wasn't about brokering a cease fire. She believed in battling it out to the finish like a true Scorpio. She made this abundantly clear to the press before leaving the US. But in reality she had little choice.

The US has repeatedly used its veto in the UN Security Council to prevent the passage of resolutions that sought to criticize the extremes of Israel 's government. Israel is also the largest recipient of US aid abroad with most money spent on high tech military equipment. Her biggest trial would rest in retaining credibility in the world's eyes whilst delaying a cease fire.

True to past evidence, the US and Britain, blocked all international attempts to implement an immediate cease fire between Israel and Lebanon on July 13. But against these odds Condoleezza's future horoscope promises potential success. With progressed Mars trining her natal Midheaven Jupiter traveling through Scorpio now and heading for her Sun-Venus-Midheaven combo in mid to late October 2006 she is due for some triumph and recognition. By that stage there will be a final showdown regarding much of the Middle-East.

Scorpio is a sign renowned for being reborn within a single lifetime. Despite her allegiance to Israel it's worth noting that her Sun-Venus-Midheaven joins the Palestinian Scorpio Sun and is in opposition to the Taurean Israel Sun, virtually to the degree. If anything, this would encourage perspective, and eventual overall objectivity, as well as tying her into the two countries' fates. It was the day after her birthday in 1988 when the Palestinian National Council met in Algiers and approved a Palestinian Declaration of Independence. Could it be that Condoleezza recognizing the oppression of her own childhood environment, and also a saddened victim of the useless violence, is on her own road to Damascus?

But any success may be short-lived. Starting April 2007 Neptune, so often attached to deception, secrecy and subversive political activities, will throw a challenging square to her Sun-Venus-Midheaven. By the middle of June testing Saturn joins the fray, as she will again face difficulties, and perhaps some dashed career ambitions. The question has often been asked, will Condoleezza run for President? She consistently denies such ambition. But according to Forbes magazine she is the most powerful women in the world, and popular with most Republicans. But will the overall tarnish of the Bush administration be more than even Condoleezza can rub off? Looks like we'll have our answer in 2007.

* Data source - Out of the published times for Condoleezza of 11:30 am Astrodatabank (rating B) and Michael WolfStar O'Reilly's 11.37 am, I prefer the latter. Astrodatabank quotes that she was born whilst her father was giving an eleven o'clock service.


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