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NewsScope for February 26, 2008

Vicki Iseman and John McCain

When it comes to love and marriage, the traditional astrologer relies excessively on Venus to assess any prospects. But as one deploys the asteroids*, and especially Juno, the multi-dimensional facets and inherent complexity of relationships become easier to visualize. A case in point comes from last week's New York Times report that John McCain had a scandalous affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman.

Comparing Vicki Iseman's horoscope (September 1, 1967; Homer City, PA; time unknown) with John McCain's (August 29, 1936; 8:37 am; Panama City) shows some strong connections involving Venus. Iseman was born with her Virgo Sun conjunct Venus, giving her an innate sensuality that McCain must feel, since his Virgo Sun is also conjunct her Venus.

McCain's Venus in turn is conjunct her Uranus-Pluto conjunction, which adds plenty of passion and excitement to their interchanges, but being in his secretive Twelfth House, prefers to fly under the radar. With transiting Uranus heading into an opposition with this complex, this story is bound to have legs.

Iseman's Mars in Scorpio is sextile McCain's Venus, a combination that indicates sexual compatibility. However, since it's her Mars, she's the aggressor here; she's the one who has pursued McCain. The closest aspect McCain's Mars has to her chart is the trine to her Saturn, which he naturally expresses as a constructive business relationship.

Cindy McCain (May 20, 1954) has Venus at 26 Gemini, which links up to John McCain's ambitious Capricorn Moon, but is otherwise not dramatically connected to his chart. She does have Juno at 21 Leo, which is conjunct his Juno at 23 Leo, making them good marriage partners.

Top Five Astro-Events for March

1. Mars enters Cancer on March 3, and is especially potent all month due to a square to Pallas in Aries. Geopolitically, expect a dramatic increase in nationalism shaped by tribal or ethnic loyalty, while diplomacy turns militantly aggressive. In personal affairs, watch for intense family dynamics, with moody undercurrents periodically exploding in anger.

2. Mars opposite Pluto is exact on March 7, capping several weeks of extreme competition. A simultaneous square to Pallas, the political asteroid, reflects how the nomination process has tilted toward hardball personal attacks. The world is divided into winners and losers, haves and have-nots. Watch for hostile takeovers, inflexible bureaucracies, and runaway corporate greed.

3. The Sun conjunct Uranus on March 8 is exceptionally important for U.S. affairs (since it's quincunx progressed Mars in the 12th House). This explosive combination creates a geopolitical climate of crisis. Terrorism will likely be in the news. Expect sudden and explosive developments in military affairs, and escalating confrontations in the world's hotspots.

4. The Aries Ingress on March 20 (1:49 am EDT, Washington D.C.) features Uranus square the Ascendant, and the Sun square Mars and Pluto, an unusually warlike vibe. Factor in that 20 Gemini is on the Descendant (the location of the U.S. Mars), and you get an exceptionally dangerous situation wherever U.S. forces are deployed-most notably in Pakistan.

5. Jupiter sextile a Venus-Uranus conjunction on March 28 is a lucky three-planet combination for those with natal planets in this degree area (19 Capricorn and Pisces). Check your horoscope to see if you're in line for sudden wealth, fame, or success. Expect significant breakthroughs in science, and soaring profits from some corporations.

Lindsay Lohan Recreates "The Last Sitting"

"It was very similar, deja vu you might say," said photographer Bert Stern about his photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan. In 1962, Stern did a three-day photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe, and the famous collection became known as "The Last Sitting" because Marilyn died six weeks later. Last week, Lindsay's photos were published in New York Magazine, with poses replicating Marilyn's carefree, erotic aura.

Lindsay Lohan was born with Venus in Leo (July 2, 1986, Cold Spring Harbor, NY; time unknown), a prima donna placement well known for its dramatic, creative vitality and weakness for flattery. Lindsay's Venus is conjunct Pallas, giving her an ability to manipulate her goddess image to maximize her public exposure. What better way than to be compared to Marilyn Monroe?

The thrice-rehabbed Lindsay was also winking at Marilyn's death from drug overdose, which many viewers see as macabre. "What was she thinking?" has been a common refrain. Lindsay's Mercury has hard aspects to all three of the outer planets, and only the trine to Saturn saves her from complete mental instability. Saturn grounds her wild, impulsive thoughts, re-shaping them into a strategic gambit.

"The Last Sitting" with Marilyn began on June 23, 1962, when Saturn and Neptune were exactly squaring each other at 10 Aquarius and Scorpio. With Lindsay's Sun at 10 Cancer, Marilyn's debauched photo shoot must have held an iconic fascination for her. Lindsay posed for "The Last Sitting" on February 5, when transiting Jupiter was at 10 Capricorn (exactly opposite her Sun), giving her the opportunity to recreate this cosmic connection.

*Visit for more on the asteroids, plus a variety of political and celebrity profiles.

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