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NewsScope for March 11, 2008

Hillary's Comeback

From the feedback dept: "When you wrote your update on February 17, I was again hopeful about Hillary Clinton's chances after the beating she had taken all month.... Hallelujah!! Hillary leveled the playing field tonight. You have no idea how much I've counted on your assessment. I have nearly had a breakdown over it." Well, fasten your seatbelt, because the drama continues....

As described in that February 17 column, Obama's horoscope* currently has all the magnetic power of a rock star, due to the rare and fortuitous placement of his progressed (P2) Jupiter. However, Hillary's P2 Jupiter is also well placed, and the exciting, electric sextile between transiting Jupiter and Uranus brings tremendous support to Hillary's horoscope (favorably aspecting her Mercury and Ascendant), indicating that she should take Pennsylvania on April 22.

Natally, Hillary has her Moon in Pisces, an unfavorable placement since zero American presidents were born with the Moon in Pisces. Something about the victim status that tends to follow the Pisces Moon around is not what the American people want in their leaders. An astrologer might advise her to avoid any complaints of victimization when transiting Uranus is conjunct her Moon in June.

Hillary is favored with her Mars in Leo. Ten of our 42 presidents were born with Mars in Leo, a statistical anomaly that in itself validates astrology. Hillary's P2 Jupiter (at 13º51' Sagittarius) forms a close trine to her Mars (at 14º00' Leo). This connection gets stronger between now and January 2009 when it's exact. This increasingly gives voters the sense that she's confident and having fun, and emphasizes her potential as Commander-in-Chief.

Democrats and the 23rd Degree

At the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, the party's liberal, anti-Vietnam war wing backed Eugene McCarthy, but the seated delegates backed the conservative candidate, Hubert Humphrey, who hadn't won a single primary. Anti-war protestors gathered outside the convention, which devolved into riots. Deja vu all over again? Are the Democrats heading into a brokered convention?

One way to investigate this question is to use the Democratic Party (DP) horoscope, set for May 13, 1792** (noon, Philadelphia). This chart features the Sun in stubborn but reliable Taurus, a characteristic which eventually gave rise to the party's mascot, the donkey. The Sun forms an exact square to Pluto in egalitarian Aquarius, and an exact quincunx (150º) to Jupiter––all at 23º of their respective signs.

This powerful Sun-Pluto-Jupiter configuration tends to get activated whenever a major transit passes through 23º of any sign, and politicians with their Sun or other natal planet at 23º fit in well with the Party's agenda. The many tense dynamics during the August 26-29, 1968 Chicago convention included transiting Neptune exactly opposite the DP Sun (and square the DP Pluto). Transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct its natal position, inferring the conservative core would consolidate around Humphrey.

Since then, slow-moving Neptune has advanced from 23º Scorpio to 23º Aquarius, once again fitting into the DP's tight Sun-Pluto square. By early August, Neptune will already have passed forward and backward across this critical 23rd degree. This indicates that Neptune, the planet of chaos and uncertainty, will be out of effective range during the convention in late August, so that the nominee will likely already have been selected.

Dancing with the Stars, Season 6

The cast for Season 6 of Dancing with the Stars was announced a few weeks ago, in preparation for the two-hour debut on Match 17. Who will win? Here's an excerpt from an article I wrote for Dell Horoscope (for the October 2008 issue):

Let's imagine you are a celebrity who's been invited to participate in the next season of Dancing with the Stars. What would it take for you to win the glass-ball trophy? Here are some clues:

1. Have either Julianne Hough or Cheryl Burke as your professional dance partner. Both are two-time champions.

2. Have your Sun aspecting Mars so you'll have plenty of physical reserves to do the vigorous training and high-energy dance moves.

3. Have your Moon or a stellium of planets in Libra. This is required so that you know what your partner is doing and so you can work together.

4. Having your Sun and/or Moon in Taurus is a pattern unique to Dancing with the Stars. There's no rhyme or reason to this, but it helps. Perhaps it's the Taurus calm at the center of all this glitz and glamour that wins over the judges and voters.

5. Have some very tight planetary connections to the DWTS Moon at 13º Aries. Conjunctions are the best, and highlight your ability to shine, to flaunt your unique style.

6. Timing is everything: every winner was experiencing a major Saturn transit. An activated Saturn reflects the hard work the taskmaster requires for ultimate success.

7. An ability to have fun, to ignore or let go of the pressures to have a good time.

*See for details.

**For an extended look at the historical roots and delineation of this chart, see

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