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December 30, 2014

New Year Resolutions

The planets offer us some good ideas about useful resolutions for the New Year. The last of seven transformational Uranus-Pluto squares in March is a reminder that profound personal change is not only a key to personal growth but a gift to humanity as a whole. Reinventing ourselves is a model for coming up with radical breakthroughs that contribute to our collective wellbeing.

But the planets that seem to offer the clearest messages for 2015 are Jupiter and Saturn. These giants represent aspiration and accomplishment and have everything to do with career and finding our place in the world. Astrological tradition casts Saturn in the role of the bad guy because of its function of setting boundaries and defining obligations. Jupiter, on the other hand, has always been portrayed as generous and noble, like a wise and compassionate king. These characterizations are, of course, incomplete, superficial and ofttimes misleading, but still provide useful information. Simply put, Saturn is contraction and Jupiter is expansion, one deals with reality as it is and the other inspires us with grand visions of better days to come.

2015 begins with both of these planets in creative and expressive fire signs. Saturn in outgoing Sagittarius will revisit depth-diving Scorpio from June 14 until September 17 before relaunching itself into the sign of Archer for another two years. Jolly Jupiterís stay in Leo lasts until August 22, 2015 and will spend the subsequent 12 months in meticulous Virgo. But letís not look too far down the road because sticking to New Yearís resolutions for even a few months is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

The nature of fire signs, as Iíve been discussing recently, is to venture into new territory. They are inherently impractical or, perhaps more accurately, not limited by the circumstances of the moment. Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius are calls to live in the future, not as a means of escaping the limits of current circumstances, but to enlarge our lives by consciously creating realities that donít yet exist.

One resolution for Jupiter in Leo is to love yourself more than ever this year and to cultivate the courage and confidence needed to fully develop your talents. Imagine that you are the most positive and playful parent to your own inner child, giving yourself the gift of encouragement and support, especially during the darkest moments of the year. Imagine a bright light in the center of your chest that is a beacon of hope, inspiring you to come up with new ideas for enriching your life.

Saturn in Sagittariusí resolution is to surpass the limits your beliefs and previous experiences. Whenever a thought about yourself, others or the world in general puts you in a box of negativity, pierce the walls of doubt by remembering that the unknown is infinitely greater than what any of us knows. Shoot arrows of tolerance against prejudices about groups and individuals, freeing yourself and them from the tyranny of generalization and judgment. Recognize that you are teacher with wisdom to share with others and, like a good educator, continue to keep learning to expand your range and depth of knowledge.

2015 is a year to be a powerful and peaceful warrior for truth and love. This is joyous work and commitment to growth that nourishes all of us.

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Jeff Jawer is well known in the astrological community as an innovative and dynamic teacher, writer and counselor. He is the CEO and co-founder of Jeff holds a B.A. in "The History and Science of Astrology" from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and lectures at astrology conferences throughout the world. His scores of articles have appeared in astrology journals in around the globe.

Jeff writes the forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer. He and Rick Levine produce Planet Pulse daily forecasts for Jeff co-founded AFAN and UAC and helped teach the first Astro*Carto*Graphy certification course with Jim Lewis.

Jeff provides private consultations and can be reached by email at

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