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In the prior article on astro-medicine and the influence of Mercury on health, I discussed physical and emotional stresses caused by Mercury’s placement in a person’s horoscope. In this article, I will discuss treatment of health conditions using the energy medicine modalities of homeopathy and flower essences.

What is Energy Medicine and How Does it Work?

Energy medicine works with the subtle interconnections between mind, body and spirit, both to restore and to maintain the dynamic equilibrium between these complexes. Homeopathy and flower essences are two energy medicine modalities that work with the energetic fields of the body and are particularly effective in subtly adjusting the nervous system to affect the physiology of the body.

Physical symptoms occur when a disturbance in the subtle energetic of the body is ignored. A healthy living being is self-regulating, with an innate capacity to maintain its equilibrium and compensate for stress. Symptoms of this regulating mechanism range from shivering when cold or eating when hungry, to major accidents or illnesses requiring long periods of inacitivity and quiet.

Homeopathics and flower essences are highly diluted, energetically potentized medicines that work as catalysts to stimulate the vital healing force. They not only alleviate symptoms, but also give a feeling that life is again flowing harmoniously. They do not weaken the defense mechanism by suppressing it, as most allopathic medicine does. Rather, they subtly but deeply strengthen the immune system.

Homeopathic Medicines for Mercurial Disorders

Below are a sampling of common remedies for Mercurial health concerns, those of the nerves, lungs and respiratory organs. Mercury disorders are the nervous disorders, both physical and mental, from neurological disorders where disease affects the brain and nervous system disturbing its normal function, to situations where the ill health is more of a mental nature, disrupting the nervous state of the individual. Remember that the whole being, physical, emotional and spiritual, needs to be considered in choosing the correct medicine.

You will notice that some remedies cover a number of Mercurial conditions, such as Nux vomica and Arsenicum. These remedies are considered Mercurial specifics, and are often considered first when dealing with a Mercury ailment.


Gelsemium: Recommended if the person feels trembly as well as dizzy.

Kali Carb: Recommended if the person feels better in open air, but worse if they try to walk, turn over or read.

Nervous Headaches

Belladonna: For throbbing, drumming headache with flushed face, dilated pupils, and when these symptoms are distinctly worse in hot sun.

Natrum Mur: For a blinding headache aggravated by warmth and movement, and preceded by numbness and tingling in the mouth.

Silica: Useful when pain starts at the back of the head, then shifts and settles above one eye, or when pain is aggravated by cold, and the person is prone to head sweats.


Coffea: Recommended if the person is unable to sleep as result of good or bad news, with an inability to switch off the mind.

Arsenicum: Recommended if the person wakes between midnight and 2:00 am, and is restless, worried and apprehensive.

Nux vomica: Useful for sleeplessness due to mental strain, overindulgence in food or alcohol or for withdrawl from sleeping pills. Recommended if the person wakes between 3:00 and 4:00 am and falls asleep just when it is time to wake up.


Arsenicum: Useful for people who grind their teeth and clench their jaw during sleep, especially between midnight and 2:00 am.

Zinc: Useful when grinding and clenching of jaw causes gums to bleed and teeth to loosen.

Respiratory Complaints

Antimonium tart: Recommended if the person is suffering from exhaustion, weakness and mucus in lungs that cannot be coughed up.

Arsenicum: Useful for those who have respiratory attacks between midnight and 2:00 am, and the person is very anxious, restless, thirsty, and better when sitting up.


Colocynth: Useful when pain shoots down the right leg to the foot, causing numbness and weakness, and is worse in cold or damp weather.

Mag phos: Useful for lightning-like pains in right leg that are soothed by heat and aggravated by coughing.

Anxiety Attacks

Aconite: Recommended if the person is anxious and fearful, or suffers from panic attacks in crowded places where they cannot easily get out.

Silica: Recommended for anxiety with poor self-confidence in shy but strong-willed people, especially if the person gets wound up about exams, public speaking or interviews because they don’t believe they can perform well enough.

Nervous Exhaustion

Ignatia: Useful for exhaustion with grief following emotional upset, broken heart, death or severe loss.

Nux vomica: Useful for exhaustion from burning the candle at both ends, especially when smoking, eating or drinking too much, and when the person is irritable with stomach discomfort.

How to Take Homeopathic Medicines

I have presented only a sampling of remedies for Mercurial conditions, and have chosen those most likely to be available through your local health food store. For serious conditions, consult your natural health practitioner. For first aid, or to support other health care measures, homeopathy can be very effective. Homeopathic treatments complement most other treatment modalities and have no side effects if taken properly.

Homeopathic remedies come in different strengths, or potencies. For first aid use, use the 6x, 12x or 30x potencies, which are most common in the U.S. I recommend 6x as a tonic support over a period of time. The others are used only to stimulate the body’s own vital force, and are used less frequently as symptoms improve.

The dosage is usually listed on the label. Stop when you have achieved marked improvement. If you have taken six doses with no improvement, reassess your choice. Always seek professional help if your symptoms recur or do not improve.

Flower Essences for Mercurial Disorders

Flower essences are similar to homeopathic medicines, but work most profoundly on the emotions and the emotional equilibrium of the body. They are used as drops, taken one to four times daily for a period of time, usually from three weeks to three months.

An excellent introduction to flower essence therapy is the stress and emegency tonic formula called Rescue Remedy (Bach) or Five Flower Remedy (from Healing Herbs). A blend of five essences, it contains cherry plum for loss of control, clematis for loss of consciousness, impatiens for stressed nerves, rock rose for terror or panic and star of bethlehem for shock. This can be used every five minutes in an emergency to restore emotional balance. Here are some flower remedies for Mercury disorders.

General Nervous Support

Aspen: For vague anxiety and apprehension without any obvious cause.

Chamomile: To calm distraught emotions, especially with stomach discomfort. It is a particularly good tonic for children and the elderly.

Lavender: To calm those who are highly sensitive to external influences—“high strung” or “wound up” types who need to learn to balance their sensitivity with the needs of the body.

Nervous Exhaustion

Aloe Vera: For overuse of creative forces causing burnout.

Vervain: Nervous exhaustion from extreme or fanatical beliefs and lifestyle.

Lung Problems

Yerba Santa: This is good for constricted or repressed emotions, especially grief and melancholia held in the chest, causing respiratory problems.

Learning Disorders

Cosmos: Cosmos helps to integrate thinking with speech when the person finds it difficult to convey inspirations in an articulate manner.

Madia: This essence is used for a short attention span with a feeling of being flooded by too much information. It supports precise thinking and concentration.


St. John’s Wort: Used for dream disturbances, especially connected with fear or psychic distrubances of any kind.

White Chestnut: For insomnia caused by repetitive, obsessive thinking.

Remember that I have presented only a sampling of the energetic medicines applicable to Mercurial disorders. For more specific information on your own health concerns, see a health practitioner or contact me for an astro-medical consultation.



Gretchen Lawlor, N.D. is an astrologer and naturopath.

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