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How quickly we forget! It wasn’t that long ago that America suffered through an “energy crisis.” Do you remember waiting forever in long lines to pay outrageous prices at the gas pumps back in the 70s? Do you remember the confounding political implications as the oil-producing nations ganged up against us in a cartel? Fossil fuels create even stranger bedfellows than politics. We’re still tangled up in those sheets. 

For a time, Americans became energy-conscious. Fuel-efficient, compact cars ruled the roads, and alternative energy sources were explored enthusiastically. So how did we end up in the new millenium driving gas-sucking SUVs and mini-vans? America’s self-destructive addiction to fossil fuels is a bad habit we just can’t kick.

Now when I think of obsessive, self-destructive habits, the planet Pluto comes to mind—compulsively, repeatedly; in fact, I can’t stop thinking about it! Actually, consider the nature of fossil fuels themselves; they’re dark and dirty, dug up from deep underground and produce ungodly wealth and power. Isn’t that the very essence of Pluto, the Dark Lord and God of the Underworld?

In the current world economy, oil, like Pluto, is power. It underlies every transaction, literally greasing the wheels of commerce. Like Pluto, it operates under the surface of the obvious, an unconscious compulsion, quietly controlling anything that transpires in the light of day. Well, the detox is on and the American economy is already experiencing withdrawal symptoms, particularly in the stock markets.

Transportation Upheavals

Pluto’s dark influence has been brought to light over the past two months, as it has been locked in a revealing opposition to Jupiter, a planet considerably more honest and open. Currently, Pluto is in Sagittarius, the sign of long-distance travel, directly opposite Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of short trips. This opposition heralds major upheavals in the transportation industry as Pluto and Jupiter pull against each other and struggle for compromise. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, first moved into opposition to Pluto in late August 2000. During that time, Ford Motors and Firestone, two giants of the transportation industry, were embroiled in a headline-grabbing controversy over faulty tires on Ford’s SUVs.

Under the long-term influence of Pluto in Sagittarius, Americans have grown increasingly obsessed with driving these massive vehicles. They create the Sagittarian image of the rugged outdoorsman, free to go anywhere his sense of adventure takes him. How many of these vehicles actually leave the city is another question, but they could if they wanted to, and that’s what counts! As the trend has accelerated, so has the demand for larger vehicles, to the point where some of these SUVs are getting too big for their own tires. The problem has proven deadly for consumers, and threatens the future fortunes of both Ford and Firestone. 

Hitting even closer to home, oil prices shot up under the influence of the Jupiter-Pluto opposition, creating more problems for both the transportation industry and the average consumer, while generating heated debate over how to cope with the current shortage. Truckers staged a dramatic strike in Europe, where the escalating price of fuel threatens the future of their industry. Meanwhile, transportation workers in the traffic Mecca of Los Angeles staged a strike of their own. And now, seemingly with the worst possible timing, long-simmering conflicts have boiled over yet again in the Middle East, the one region of the world where our strangest bedfellows in the oil business could so quickly become our worst nightmare! 

Will it Ever End?

This Jupiter-Pluto influence will be a lingering one. Jupiter has just recently gone retrograde, and is now moving backward through Gemini. Jupiter will turn direct in January, and begin moving forward again, only to oppose Pluto once more in May of 2001. We should expect to see a resurgence of these and similar issues throughout this time. Let’s hope that we can make progress in kicking the fossil fuels habit, and extricating ourselves from the unhealthy alliances we’ve made with our suppliers.

It is imperative that the new administration makes the development of alternative energy technologies a national priority. With the proper focus, America can lead the world in the development of this new sector. Our leaders will be sorely tested on this issue, for following in the wake of Jupiter in Gemini is the planet Saturn. That’s right, Saturn, the ringed planet of restrictions and limits, will be entering Gemini in April, 2001 and making its own series of oppositions to Pluto in Sagittarius from August 2001 through May 2002.

Saturn is not a fun planet, and the upcoming Saturn-Pluto oppositions could make these current Jupiter-Pluto oppositions seem like a holiday picnic in comparison. It could be a time of profound transformation in many sectors, and it will take careful planning to avert a crisis and keep things running smoothly. Great discipline and self-control will be necessary to achieve true transformation, and to avoid the costly path of destruction. This series of oppositions will affect all of us in ways unique to our own individual situations, driving us to find revolutionary solutions to old problems. Above all, they will change our economy and our world forever.




Courtney Roberts, M.A.,is a writer, teacher, and consultant, originally from Miami, FL. Her work reflects a unique perspective: a real passion for the 'big picture' that combines cosmology, religious studies and history with a lifetime of observing the dynamic interaction of spirit and cosmos.

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