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Another phoenix rises from the ashes. Jennifer Capriati has come full circle in a personal journey marked by extremes of both talent and tragedy. After charging through the rankings at the recent Australian Open, obliterating both Lindsay Davenport and Martina Hingis on the way to her first Grand Slam Championship, Capriati has finally begun to fulfill the mammoth expectations heaped upon her ten years ago when she first made her debut as a tennis teen phenomenon.

A poster child for the dangers of “too much, too soon,” her eventual emotional unraveling still serves as a cautionary tale for pushy stage-parents everywhere. Now back in the winner’s circle at age 24, after putting it all together with the help of her father/coach, she has proven she can hold her own against the best in the world.

Almost Superhuman

Astrology Horoscope: Jennifer CapriatiCapriati is a fiery, competitive Aries, born March 29, 1976 in New York City. Her birth chart is dominated by a tight opposition between her impulsive Aries Sun and her compulsive Pluto in Libra. Pluto is a planet of intensity and extremes, never doing anything halfway. The dynamic energy contained within that Sun-Pluto combination is an awesome force that can move mountains on its good days, and then turn around and completely self destruct under pressure. This almost superhuman power is a given with a Sun-Pluto combination, but using it constructively, rather than destructively, takes some practice.

The psychological currents running back and forth across a planetary opposition tend to pull the personality in two directions at once. The individual struggles in a perpetual balancing act to get the two extremes to meet in the middle. Even if that delicate balance is achieved, the opposition reasserts itself at the next level, and another series of challenges begin.

The Sun in an individual’s chart often represents the masculine or father principle. If the Sun is in a difficult aspect, or relationship, to the planet Pluto, power struggles and control issues with the father and/or male authority figures can pose a real challenge to the development of the young ego. Capriati has already covered that spectrum in her stormy relationship with her father, and to their credit, they now seem to have achieved a healthy, and highly functional, balance between their personal extremes.

The Aquarian Australian Open

The Australian Open is the only Aquarian Grand Slam event in a traditionally summer sport (meaning it is the only Grand Slam event held when the Sun is in Aquarius, from mid-January to mid-February). In keeping with the nature of its eccentric Sun sign, the tournament features its fair share of surprise results. The 2001 Open was aching for an upset, and Jennifer Capriati happened to be in the right place at the right time.

There are many different ways to spell upset, but most of them involve the planet Uranus. Uranus is the oddball ruler of the sign Aquarius and is notorious for its stubborn eccentricity. There is nothing normal about Uranus, including its orbit. Uranus is the only planet that rotates about an axis that is parallel to, rather than perpendicular to, the ecliptic, so it has a different take on everything. If Uranus is especially active during a match, any number of strange things can take place.

During the finals between Martina Hingis and Jennifer Capriati, Uranus was temporarily engaged in an irritating square, or 90-degree angle, to the planet Mars in Scorpio. Mars is a particularly energetic and athletic planet, and its competitive nature is intensified in its home sign of Scorpio (Aries is Mars' other home sign). With Mars closing in on the difficult right angle to Uranus in Aquarius, it was just a matter of time before the fireworks began.

Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis, the odds-on favorite to win the finals, was born September 30, 1980 in Kosice in the Czech Republic. Hingis has a conjunction between Mars and Uranus in the sign of Scorpio in her birth chart. The planet Uranus is currently making a square to Hingis’ Mars, just as it is to Mars in the chart of the Australian Open. Capriati also has a Mars-Uranus connection. Her Mars in Cancer is linked harmoniously in a trine (120 degree) aspect to her natal Uranus in Scorpio.

Obviously, both players were born with strong, natal Mars-Uranus energy. However, while Hingis’ Mars was at odds with that oddball Mars-Uranus energy during the match, Capriati’s natal Mars and Uranus were in much better shape, both receiving a helpful trine (120 degrees) aspect from the Moon, which was in Pisces.

Adding to the unusual atmosphere, the Sun in Aquarius was conjunct the foggy planet Neptune at the time of the Open. Neptune often figures into upset configurations, but its influence is different than that of Uranus. Neptune is linked to the sympathetic underdog, the little guy struggling against overwhelming odds. This combination of strange influences and the way they interacted within the charts of both players, paved the way for Jennifer Capriati to shock the tennis world in straight sets.

Planets can’t give an athlete the victory. Capriati has worked so hard to put herself and her game back together that she richly deserves all the credit for this stirring comeback. When the astrological opportunity arose, she had thoroughly prepared herself to make the most of it. There’s still a lot of great tennis left in this fiery champion. She has finally arrived at her rightful place in the world: Challenging Martina, Lindsay and the wonderful Williams sisters to the delight of millions for years to come.



Courtney Roberts, M.A.,is a writer, teacher, and consultant, originally from Miami, FL. Her work reflects a unique perspective: a real passion for the 'big picture' that combines cosmology, religious studies and history with a lifetime of observing the dynamic interaction of spirit and cosmos.

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