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Consultations with Jeff

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds. The New Moon Report describes the collective patterns in which we all exist, yet each of us is unique. Jeff Jawer provides personal consultations to make the most of your abilities according to your individual birth chart. He helps you to understand the cycles of the planets and apply this knowledge to bring more happiness into your life. Contact Jeff at to schedule an appointment or go to Consultations with Jeff to find out more.

For a detailed personal forecast based on your personal birth chart check out Your Big Picture Forecast and the 30-Day Report created by Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine. Click on Celebrity Sample to see the detailed transit information these reports provide.

New Moon in Libra
Tuesday, September 23, 11:14 pm PDT, Wednesday, September 24, 2:14 am EDT

The lovely Libra New Moon comes one day after the equinox to enliven the season with extra motivation to make connections. Sociable and gracious Libra opens minds that open doors to personal and professional alliances. This presents opportunities to step out of the limits of our prejudices and judgments to see the world with fresh eyes. Yet cool and calm as this sign can be, the roaring fires of Thursdayís explosively innovative Jupiter-Uranus trine are already heating brains with brilliant ideas. Turning these insights into action requires changing ourselves, which becomes more apparent when the Sun squares purging Pluto on October 4 and opposes liberating Uranus on the 7th. Emerging desires, power struggles, breakthroughs and breakdowns are not signs of failure, but are signals of profound movement that each of us is able to initiate and share lovingly with others.

Jupiter trine Uranus
Thursday, September 25, 11:20 am PDT, 2:20 pm EDT

This creative alignment between two planets of higher intelligence is a mind blowing experience. Visionary Jupiter in expressive Leo opens consciousness to fuel the sparks of genius from innovative Uranus in Aries. This goes far beyond thinking outside the box; it is thinking in another dimension. Intuition is the gift that comes to us when the editing of logic is temporarily set aside. Concepts that donít fit current reality, though, can take root and return in more understandable forms when this aspect returns on March 3 and June 22 next year. Enjoy the pleasure of playful ideas and new perceptions that arise when we lower the barriers of skepticism and self-doubt.

Mercury in Scorpio
Saturday, September 27, 3:40 pm PDT, 4:40 pm EDT

Perceptions deepen and conversations grow more intense with perceptive Mercuryís plunge into profound Scorpio. This is an excellent transit for research and self-examination, although secrecy and mistrust are possible side effects. The messenger planet backs into accommodating and objective Libra on October 10 before righting itself on the 25th and returning to Scorpio for a three-week encore on November 8.

Venus in Libra
Monday, September 29, 1:53 pm PDT, 4:53 pm EDT

Venus is beautiful as a bride in her airy home sign where relationships are enriched with grace. Social skills, subtle seduction and a keen sense of harmony are more evident with this transit. Yet even the coolest among us may be riled by manipulative people and relationship surprises when this loving planet squares pressurized Pluto on October 8 and opposes rebellious Uranus on the 11th. Denying discomfort then may prove more costly later, undermining opportunities to let go of unsatisfying alliances. Addressing challenging transitions with grace, on the other hand, can be empowering and liberating.

Mercury Retrograde
Saturday, October 4

The three-week long reversal period of Mercury is associated with snafus in communication, travel and technology, yet itís also a second chance to make amends, refine systems and tie up loose ends. This retrograde cycle begins in Scorpio where stirring up intense ideas about intimacy, desire and passion are expected, then shifts to likable Libra on October 10 where negotiating skills are the upside and waffling a potential problem. The key message of any Mercury retrograde period is to look inward and reflect before speaking or acting on important matters.

Full Moon in Aries
Wednesday, October 8, 3:51 am PDT, 6:51 am EDT

This volatile lunation is a Total Eclipse of the Moon conjunct shocking Uranus. In a collective sense it is likely to manifest as explosive events and major surprises like the sudden fall of prominent leaders. Timing, though, is imprecise as the effects of eclipses can last for months. This opposition of the Moon in independent and impulsive Aries to the Sun in accommodating and indecisive Libra can push relationships to the limits. The fundamental question is how do we respond to our individual needs and still be responsive to others. It is difficult to do both at the same time. So, as with any opposition, itís a lesson in learning how to gracefully move to either side of the equation depending upon needs and circumstances. A major benefit of this eclipse is its potential for helping us to let go of old habits, particularly those related to anger, impatience and feelings of isolation. Breaking free from a sense of alienation and finding the capacity to reframe weirdness as originality allows us to have a sense of uniqueness without undermining alliances. Potent Plutoís square to this Full Moon intensifies emotions that underscore the necessity for change, but generous Jupiterís favorable trine to the Moon offers creativity and playfulness to ease the process.

Mercury in Libra
Friday, October 10, 10:27 pm PDT, Saturday, October 11, 1:27 am EDT

This retrograde return to reasonable Libra helps us to find mental balance in situations where weíve lost touch with objectivity. Itís an opportunity to reset our sights and reopen an internal dialogue that broadens vision and presents alternatives to current sets of ideas. Reconnecting with individuals with whom weíve had misunderstandings to restore harmony and cooperation are positive potentials of this shift.

Mercury conjunct Sun
Mercury conjunct Venus
Thursday, October 16 and Friday, October 17

Backward moving Mercury joins the Sun and Venus to provide a period of self-reflection and reevaluation. Getting lost in a mirror of egocentric narcissism is a possible pitfall but if thatís a step toward knowing yourself better, itís worth the detour. Revisiting creative concepts, reminiscing about old lovers, and making amends to restore peace with people are favorable expressions of these transits.

Sun in Scorpio
Tuesday, October 23, 4:57 am PDT, 7:57 am EDT

We dive into the depths of feelings with this solar ingress into the fixed water sign. Going to emotional extremes tends to be more common as sometimes we isolate ourselves in silence and other times we burn with passion. Key elements of the next 30-days are establishing priorities based on desires, recognizing what needs to be purged, and more carefully assessing what we get for what weíre giving in relationships. If we fall into doubt or despair, think of this as pulling back the string of a bow so that we can launch our arrows of ambition to even greater heights. Even if digging through the rubble of rejection or failure occupies thoughts, it will likely serve as preparation for more inspiring activities when the Sun enters adventurous Sagittarius next month. (Note: the Scorpio New Moon that follows in ten hours is a Solar Eclipse that reinforces this transformational signís message that letting go is the way to grow.)

This New Moon in Libra is an opportunity to build bridges between opposites. The differences that keep us apart from others and integrating the contrasting parts of ourselves are diminished when we recognize their common roots. Taking back projections is an excellent way to alter the course of relationships as we become more aware of how our assumptions separate us from people. The grace and kindness of this lunation enable us to speak truthfully in ways that draw us closer instead of driving us apart.

Have a great month!

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