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Consultations with Jeff

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds.

StarIQ cofounder Jeff Jawer looks at astrological events for this lunar cycle to describe energy patterns for the month ahead. This is a big picture view of the general cosmic weather that affects us all.

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New Moon in Virgo
Monday, August 25, 7:13 am PDT, 10:13 am EDT

The sharpness and precision of this Virgo New Moon are reinforced by the conjunction of pointed Mars and structured Saturn later today, making this a time for committed action. Developing new skills and refining existing ones increases efficiency and improves professional status. Establishing healthy habits and eliminating wasteful ones are appropriate now too. There is, though, the frequent Virgo factor of focusing on flaws, which can be discouraging. Tearing oneself down with criticism is only useful when done with a plan for improving the situation. On the other hand, nebulous Neptune's opposition to this Sun-Moon conjunction can either waste effort in pursuit of a fantasy or provide inspiration to motivate our efforts. In either case, small steps taken in pursuit of dreams can lead to successful long-term change.

Mars conjunct Saturn
Monday, August 25, 12:30 pm PDT, 3:30 pm EDT

This union between the planets of go and stop requires patience and a strong sense of purpose to transform frustration into productivity. While some may get bogged down with delays and power struggles, concentrated effort makes it possible to break new ground. It's time to get a grip, master a craft, commit to a project, and take control of your life. Purging people and practices, as well as letting go of obligations that have outlived their value, are excellent ways to clear a path to hard-earned self-improvement. Self-discipline, a clear sense of direction and a willingness to work hard make this transit a powerful tool for reaching your goals.

Mercury in Libra
Monday, September 1, 10:38 pm PDT, Tuesday, September 2, 1:38 am EDT

Verbal Mercury allows information to flow easily in this accommodating air sign. Seeing both sides of a situation is an asset for negotiations and dealing with delicate matters. Yet there is a risk of being so objective that it becomes hard to take a stand. Opening your mind does help to make new connections, but being unwilling to express your own point of view can undermine trust from others.

Venus in Virgo
Friday, September 5, 10:07 am PDT, 1:07 pm EDT

Relationships take on a more practical hue with the love planet in this pragmatic earth sign. Romantic feelings may be displaced by more grounded ideas about partnership, which can be beneficial for working alliances where attending to business comes first. Analyzing emotional needs will help to untangle knots that block intimacy, but becoming too heady in matters of the heart diminishes the mystery that makes love so powerful.

Full Moon in Pisces
Monday, September 8, 6:38 pm PDT, 9:38 pm EDT

The relationship between fantasy and reality is put into the spotlight with this Full Moon. Pisces represents faith, imagination and compassion while the opposing Sun in earthy Virgo is rooted in the material world. Amorous Venus in Virgo opposes spiritual Neptune today, underscoring the difference between the physical and metaphysical dimensions. Being divided by these contrasting forces is stressful, but building bridges between them can make dreams come true. Forgiveness may be the critical component that allows us to overlook minor defects and petty details in order to achieve a greater goal.

Mars in Sagittarius
Saturday, September 13, 2:57 pm PDT, 5:57 pm EDT

The fiery red planet is as free as a wild stallion in restless Sagittarius. Resistance to rules and restraint of any kind is understandable during this adventurous six-week transit. There is, though, a tendency to act impulsively and to overlook routine tasks while searching for new experiences. Unfiltered comments may come across as rude and insensitive, yet blurting out the truth, painful as that can be, might be a road to healing. Physical activity, travel and advocating for a cause are positive expressions of this hot and spicy combination.

Mercury conjunct North Node
Tuesday, September 16

Catch a glimpse of the future with perceptive Mercury's conjunction to the integrative North Node of the Moon. Their harmonious alignment in the reasonable sign of Libra is excellent for pleasant conversations and making connections where ideas can be shared in a cooperative manner.

Pluto Direct
Monday, September 22

Potent Pluto's shift to forward motion slowly releases deep desires and festering feelings to bring them out in the open. Dealing with issues of power, passion, wants and fears that have been hidden from view might feel dangerous but is healthier than keeping them in the dark.

Sun in Libra
Monday, September 22, 7:30 pm PDT, 10:30 pm EDT

The solar ingress into Libra marks the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere (and spring in the Southern). This equinoctial event represents the perfect balance of day and night as a model for relating with others. An innate sense of fairness, graciousness and charm are among the gifts of this socially skillful sign. Cultivating peace in current partnerships and getting new relationships off the ground by listening more attentively are favored with the Sun in Libra. However, indecision, vanity, and co-dependence are potential pitfalls.

This New Moon in Virgo provides a toolkit of ideas and approaches that are made for solving problems. It's wise, though, to set priorities and choose tasks carefully. Investing effort should be reserved for activities that can play a major role in meeting your most critical needs.

Have a great month!

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