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Can two people born under the same sign get along? It depends on the sign, because some signs are generally more compatible than others. More importantly, you have to examine the intricate workings and interaction of both birth charts to determine true compatibility.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are an example of two married people born under the same sign, Leo. According to media reports and interviews, their relationship is healthy and happy. An exploration of the interaction between their birth charts reveals the secret of their attraction.

The Lioness Revealed

Melanie was born on August 9, 1957 at 11:49 pm in New York City. Her rising sign (Ascendant), or the way in which she responds to her world, is Taurus, a sign of stubbornness, sensuality and determination. Her Moon, which represents her basic needs and emotional status, is placed in detached, but friendly, Aquarius.

The Lion Revealed

Antonio was born on August 10, 1960 at 9:00 pm in Malaga, Spain. His rising sign is Pisces, an indication of a very creative, imaginative personality. His Moon is in fiery Aries. In the chart of a heterosexual male, the Moon indicates the type of woman he desires. Aries is an independent, sometimes demanding woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. It also tells us much about his emotional nature. He likes a challenge, is often impatient, and seeks excitement and new experiences as a way to fulfill his emotional needs.

All About Love: Venus and the Seventh House

Venus  represents a person’s love nature, and Melanie’s is placed in Virgo. Melanie would tend to analyze love and often appears reserved and even a bit shy about revealing her feelings. Her Seventh House of marriage, which is always found directly opposite from the Ascendant or rising sign, falls in Scorpio and indicates she wants intensity and passion from her partner. It almost seems like a dichotomy: she wants intensity and depth from her relationship but is reluctant to express those qualities herself, so she seeks out a partner who personifies her hidden desires.

Antonio also has Venus in Virgo, so he and Melanie would share a similar expression of love and cultural pursuits. His Seventh House of marriage has Virgo on its cusp (border), indicating that he likes a partner who appears modest and unassuming. The fact that not only Melanie’s Venus, but her Mercury (communication) and Jupiter (optimism) also fall in Antonio's partnership house is auspicious for marriage between them.

The Mars Connection or Making a Relationship Sizzle

We have explored Venus, the planet of love and affection, but taking a look at Mars reveals the spice of a relationship. Mars is associated with sex and physical attraction. Connections to Mars between charts bode well for sexual compatibility. In this respect, their charts are perfectly matched.

Melanie’s Mars is placed in one degree of Virgo, and it exactly conjoins or is at the same degree and sign of the zodiac as Antonio’s Venus. Additionally, her Pluto (passion and power) and his Pluto are both placed very close to this same degree, adding a “fated” aspect to their relationship. When they met, sparks had to fly. It was an instant attraction. They recognized in each other a missing piece of their own personalities and a familiarity that, for those who believe in reincarnation, hints at a past life connection.

Challenges: Who Gets to Rule the Lair?

With two strong Leo personalities, there has to be a balance of power for continual harmony to prevail. Antonio’s Mercury is in dramatic, expressive Leo and it squares or forms a stressful right angle to Melanie’s Neptune (idealism or confusion) in the sign of Scorpio. Often this surfaces as trust issues due to unclear communication. Antonio could feel that Melanie should be more revealing and Melanie may feel Antonio has to be more receptive to her desires.

Another challenging connection between their charts is Melanie’s Saturn (control, restriction) in a square (struggle) aspect to Antonio’s Venus. This is, by far, the most difficult aspect to be found between married couples or for any type of partnership. The Saturn person can chill the affections of the Venus person. Antonio may feel frustrated at times by Melanie’s coolness or what he perceives as her lack of affection toward him. He, on the other hand, may feel she is too demanding or sets standards for the relationship that are unrealistic or that conflict with his inherent set of values. The remedy is a willingness to clearly define the terms of the partnership and stick to them.

The balance of power in this relationship is best expressed by each having individual outlets for creativity. Joint projects will work on occasion, but for the most part, their relationship thrives when they have outside, unique experiences that they can bring back to their marriage in an effort to enrich and strengthen it. In this way, their union will continue to grow and prosper.

Saturn & Uranus: Testing the Status Quo

All good relationships have tense moments, but it is the way in which the couples work out their disagreements that determines their success or failure. Melanie and Antonio have the makings of a successful relationship, yet they have to survive some contentious transits (current cycles) from Saturn and Uranus, the planet of change, disruption, and divorce, to their mutual Leo Sun signs and their Venus- Mars-Pluto connection.

Saturn and Uranus’ challenging influences will not subside until May of 2001. Powerful issues may arise that require a combination of invention and commitment to support the continuing growth of their marriage. This is their time to build a new model of partnership, one that equally honors the individual and the couple with love and compassion.



Sandra-Leigh Serio has been a professional astrologer, teacher and lecturer for over 25 years and has thousands of clients all over the United States. She has a Master's Degree in Psychology and is certified by the American Federation of Astrologers (PMAFA). She has writen The Sun Dial, a weekly astrology column for more than 15 years and is Secretary of PROSIG, The Organization for Professional Astrology.

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