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Astrology rests upon the premise that a moment in time has unique qualities that provide a guide to its future potential. In an individual's chart the birth moment is said to be the severance of the umbilical cord and initial first breath (these two events often don't occur at the same time). This birth chart acts as a template upon which other moments in his/her life can be judged. The same axiom holds true for a country.

The Great Maritime Adventure

The story of Australian colonization is one of the truly great marine maritime adventures. Eleven ships sailed for 252 days across the world to the Great South Land. By the captain's log the First Fleet set sail at 4 am from Portsmouth , England on May 13, 1787. This may be viewed as a conception chart. The real birth chart of Australia commenced when the new settlers claimed the shores of Sydney Cove on the morning of January 26, 1788.

The collective chronicles note that Captain Phillip waited for first light to row ashore and begin the new community in what he described as the finest, most extensive harbor in the world. Phillip King's diary records, “At daylight the English colors were displayed on shore and possession was taken for His Majesty…a feu de joie was fired by the party of marines and the whole gave three cheers which was returned by the Supply.“ The diary of fellow officer James Scott also confirms this early christening, which appears to be between 5:25 to 5:30 am. Australia celebrates January 26 as a national holiday commemorating the foundation of their country.

Self-Government Begins

The colonies gradually spread around the spacious coastlines, joining to form one nation under self-government on January 1, 1901. Although this was celebrated at a New Years Eve ball in Melbourne , the official swearing in ceremony did not conclude until around 1:35 pm the same day in Sydney . There is some controversy over the exact minute (some claiming an earlier time), although common sense would indicate that a swearing in, like a marriage, doesn't become official until all the vows are exchanged. This chart swearing in chart (meticulously researched by the late Australian cosmobiologist Gwynne Stoney) then becomes the standard for the government of Australia . Not surprisingly, there are significant similarities in the angles and planetary placements of both charts.

Both horoscopes are valid for predictive purposes. The Settlement horoscope depicts Australia with a multinational Aquarian Sun rising on the Ascendant. Initially this was reflected in the egalitarian nature of the society, and now it shows its effects through multicultural policies. Australia is one of the select countries to have hosted dual Olympic Games in 1956 and 2000. The great love of sport and recreation (also gambling) is obvious via a Fifth House Jupiter square to an Eighth House Moon. The Aquarian emphasis also manifests in the Australian love of freedom, and a healthy disrespect for oppression. Australia grew out of a penal colony where freedom was a cherished possession. Australians are also adept at pulling the rug from under those who achieve power without glory. They call it their “tall poppy” syndrome.

The self-government chart also displays the competitive Aries Ascendant with ruler Mars in the Fifth House of recreation. A feature of this is the Ninth House Sun/Saturn combination depicting conservative rule and heavy international responsibilities. That's been the case with Australia involved in all the major wars of the last century and again beginning this one in Iraq.

Strong Sagittarian Influence

The undoubted Sagittarian influence of the 1901 chart with four planets in spacious Sag, plus a Ninth House Sun/Saturn has often resulted Australia being dubbed the lucky country. Instead, it depicts a natural optimism of the character, the willingness to find humor even in despair, and what might be determined an addiction to chance. Australians love to gamble (over 10% of gaming machines exist in Australia ), and their connection with horses is legendary. The champion Phar Lap still stands in the Melbourne Museum , and the country stops as one to listen to the running of the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November. The winner of the first Melbourne Cup was–you guessed it–Archer. Economically, the strong Second/Eighth House (assets and investments) of both charts has fostered considerable overseas investment toward Australian resources.

Since World War Two, as transformative Pluto crossed the Settlement's Descendant, Australia has drifted further from their its English ties toward an American alliance, both culturally and economically. This began with the fall of Singapore and subsequent Japanese invasion of mainland Australia . The US , anxious to halt the Japanese push southward, joined Australia 's defense providing troops and military technology. Ironically, the American Supreme Commander of the Pacific, General Douglas Macarthur, was born on Australia Day–January 26. Nowadays, the US maintains defense bases and satellite stations on Australian soil and the government has openly supported the US war on terrorism and invasion of Iraq.

On October 12, 2002, on the Indonesian Island of Bali, Islamic terrorists torched the Kuta Beach nightclub taking over 200 lives, a large percentage of the victims from Australia . At the time the Australian Settlement's secondary progressed Mars was square to, and the progressed Moon had arrived at, natal Mars. The red planet remains in square to itself, and the end of May 2004 hosts a transiting Mars return accompanied by Saturn. It could well be another period requiring heightened security alerts.

The 1901 horoscope of self-government confirms the April/May 2004 timeframe as vital. Transiting Saturn (restrictions, blockages) opposes the Sun/Saturn (government) conjunction and the solar eclipse of April 19, 2004 also falls upon the Australian Ascendant. This phenomenon has often coincided with difficult periods and leaders being “eclipsed” in the past.

Solar eclipses on this degree have often impacted upon the apple isle of Tasmania . The previous one (arced within a minute of this eclipse) accompanied the Port Arthur massacre of 1996. It also strongly suggests Australia is on the edge of another leadership change in 2004. Back in 1977 the sitting Premier abruptly quit the year following his election victory. In 1958, the Treasurer R. J. Turnbull resigned amidst bribery allegations (although he was later exonerated). And it was also affected in 1939 when a comparatively young Premier Ogilvie suddenly died in office of a heart attack at 48. On that basis alone one would imagine some cyclic major change to the Tasmanian political hierarchy over the period of the year.

As Australia moves further down destiny's road the push toward a republic has gained greater support, despite being narrowly beaten at the last referendum. A major change in government structure seems a future formality as transiting Pluto (restructure) crosses the Sun/Saturn conjunction in 2012/13 and Uranus (independence) comes to square the same point. Australia can look toward a radical change in the leadership direction in years to come.


Ed Tamplin is a consultant, writer and researcher of astrology specializing in mundane. He is a regular lecturer on the Australian circuit and co-hosts an astrology talkback show on Sydney radio 2GB-AM every Saturday night. With partner and fellow astrologer Sherrynne Dalby he teaches at the Sirius School of Astrology and maintains an active personal practice.

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