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Palmistry and Astrology Part One
Palmistry and Astrology Part Two

This article concludes the series on the links between palmistry and astrology. The palmist’s view of the planets leans toward older ideas about the planets rather than the newer themes and associations common in modern astrology.

The Mount of the Moon

The mount of the Moon is a large area that is located on the lower end of the side of the hand that is away from the thumb area. The Moon (or Luna) is associated with the imagination and with travel, and it reflects the restless and emotional side of one’s nature. This links almost exactly with astrology, because although novice astrologers concentrate so much on the emotional concerns of the Moon, they forget that travel and a restless search for adventure were once strongly associated with the Moon.

If this area is large, and especially if it extends down almost into the wrist, the person will be a great traveler and may prefer to live close by water. Lines that appear on this area of the hand refer to travel, creativity, imagination and sometimes also luck. Some marks here talk about intuition, psychic ability and healing energies. A person with a strong Luna is quite emotional. This individual may love poetry or the words in popular songs, and will be extremely intuitive, possibly even psychic. The emotions are strong, and unless something feels right, this subject will feel uncomfortable. This almost exactly links to the Moon in astrology. There may be other links too, because the Moon and Luna can show that a person’s job deals with the public or produces things that the public likes.

The Mount of Neptune, or Pluto?

It has become fashionable among some palmists in recent years to call the area at the bottom of the hand where it meets the wrist the mount of Neptune, but I think it makes far more sense to call this area Pluto! This links the mounts of Venus and Luna, and it is said to be the link between the conscious mind (Venus) and the unconscious mind (Luna). A high mount shows intuitive or psychic ability; a dip in this area shows a lack of these traits.

This mount is also a rich area for those who wish to study pregnancy and the reproductive organs. This part of the hand has much to say about the early days of a person’s life and the psychological influence this has had on him or her. Early sexual experiences and early attempts at relationships tend to show up here. Pluto in astrology shows exactly the same effects as this mount, in addition to the ideas of sharing resources with others or tapping into the resources of others. This idea of union between people or organizations exactly fits the union between the materialistic mount of Venus and the imaginative, creative, instinctive mount of Luna.

Mars Territory

There is a great swathe of the hand that reaches from the point where the thumb opens away from the hand, across the central area and out to the percussion edge that is all associated with Mars. Technically speaking, the thumb side is called lower Mars, the central area is called the plain of Mars and the percussion side is called upper Mars.

A high and fat Mars area on the thumb side of the hand indicates a person who likes the sporting or military life, or such organizations such as the Scouts or similar quasi-military or religious groups. This individual may enjoy heading up a large business or other organization. This is very similar to a strong Mars effect on a birth chart.

Other Mars features are found on the upper Mars mount, which includes the edge (percussion) of the hand. If this area is thick, the person will be hard to shock. The person may also be belligerent and quick to get into a fight. When the percussion is weak and thin, the person is easily shocked and upset and unlikely to put up a fight. When the percussion curves widely outward, there could be great creativity or a confrontational nature–or both. Mars in astrology shows how much fight a person has and where he or she will direct energy. A person with Mars in an earth sign will finish all that he or she starts. Similarly, strong upper and lower Mars mounts on a square, earthy hand show that the subject will rarely give up once set on a particular course of action.

The Thumb

To my mind, and to the minds of most palmists, the thumb is taken as a separate entity and not assigned to any of the planets. Some palmists try to associate the thumb with Venus, due to the fact that the large mount on the hand that leads to the thumb is the mount of Venus. However, this really doesn’t make any sense because there is absolutely nothing Venusian about the thumb. The thumb is also attached to the area that is called lower Mars, and that has far more connection with those things with which the thumb is associated. For example, the thumb shows the way a person thinks and acts and approaches life in general—whether the individual has will power or goes about things in a logical manner or not. About the only Venus connection that I can find is that a person who has a thumb that turns back at the tip can be an impulsive shopper.

Uranus Influences

Uranus doesn’t seem to figure anywhere on a hand, but I have come to the conclusion that the knuckles on the backs of the hand and the finger joints should be looked at for Uranian tendencies. If these are prominent, wide and what palmists call “knotted,” they show an academic mind and a person who likes to think things through and act only when he or she has come to his or her own conclusions. These subjects can be stubborn and determined to live life in their own preferred way. They will only listen to logic, and even then, they may not be convinced. This kind of hand also shows a somewhat unusual outlook on life. Teaching ability is often shown by such hands, and such a person reads widely and has a number of unusual interests. Despite the stubborn nature of this personality, the subject is kind-hearted and sociable. Naturally, it is only Uranus that would have no actual mount assigned to it—but then we all know that Uranus likes to be different!



Sasha Fenton has written 24 books on mind, body and spirit subjects, and,together with Jonathan Dee, wrote the twelve-book Astro-guide series annually for six years. She has sold over five million books so far. Sasha started giving readings in astrology, palmistry and the tarot in 1974. She has lectured, taught and broadcast her subjects all over the world. Sasha & husband Jan Budkowski now run their own MB&S publishing business, Zambezi Publishing.

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