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Communication is often about what's not said, rather than what is. The purpose of communication, then, is not to say something, but to not say something. Politicians, sports stars and cheating spouses are among the best at employing this technique.

Mercury Is the Planet of Communication
Astrologers note Mercury's condition at the moment of birth to assess patterns of perception and communication. This is particularly interesting when another planet is conjunct (next to) Mercury and strongly colors its nature.

Pluto Is the Planet of Secrets
George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946 with Mercury conjunct Pluto, a pattern that often describes a person who is very careful about what he says. Communication is not about openly sharing, it's about control. Individuals with this pattern are usually very sensitive to power and guard their words rather than speaking spontaneously.

Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, just 44 days after Mr. Bush. Normally, rapidly moving Mercury would be quite far from slow moving Pluto by this time. However, Mercury turned (backward) on July 19, turned direct (forward) on August 12 and, therefore, was conjunct Pluto on the day of Clinton's birth.

The Power of Concentration
We are just beginning to understand Pluto. This tiny, distant planet was just discovered in 1930. Secrecy is part of its story, but so are passion, power, focus, intensity and transformation.

Pluto is a narrow lens that concentrates whatever it touches. This reflects Clinton's well known ability to compartmentalize. He is able to separate his thoughts about one issue from another. Such a "monofocus" made it possible for him to govern in the midst of intense personal crises.

This same narrow focus makes it possible to withhold vital pieces of information without feeling like one is lying. The mind can become legalistic, using "facts" to hide the truth precisely placed words meant to conceal, rather than reveal.

The Deep Mind
Any astrological pattern can be expressed on many different levels. "Honest Abe" Lincoln had Mercury conjunct Pluto. Other people with this pattern are not stuck with secrecy and distrust, either. They have learned to see their fears clearly and are no longer limited by them.

Pluto adds depth to Mercury. The fluttering mind finds the core of any issue and becomes a force for change. The trivial is set aside and one lives with essence. This is the power of Pluto.

From Critic to Healer
Mental Mercury and deep, dark Pluto are a combination that makes it easy to see below the surface. The mind is naturally probing. An insecure person may develop a highly critical nature. The purpose of communicating is to wound, to gain the upper hand with one's words.

But, the person who wounds is also wounded. When care is blended with criticism negativity fades. Confidence replaces powerlessness. The mind is freed of the need to hide and we see the world differently. Perception becomes a tool for helping, rather than hurting, others.

A Spiritual Perspective
Mercury conjunct Pluto can transform thinking and communication patterns this lifetime. Wounds reveal where we need to make changes. Distrustful thoughts are replaced by clarity and consciousness.

Leaders are a reflection of the people they lead. Their public stories reveal our private secrets. When we believe them to be lying, it is time to be more truthful about ourselves.



Jeff Jawer is a founder of He has been a professional astrologer since 1973 and is well-known as a writer, counselor and lecturer in North and South America, Europe and Australia.

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