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DATE POSTED: 7/19/2010
NAME: lilJoshu
  I was born 3 months premature.
I am healthier than any other person I know. I have no serious allergies, have a super-genius level IQ, and am pursuing a career in the hard sciences, all on top of being one of the most emotionally stable people I know.

Further, my astrological sign for birthday says "that these people don't set lofty goals, but meet the goals they set." and for the time I should have been born, it says, "these people are highly emotional". My goals are anything but 'non-lofty' (running a successful multinational multi-million dollar company only being a small stepping stone to my goals) and I have the 'high emotion' of a robot, always analyzing things in a very logical manner. I contest your claims.

SUBJECT: well this was interesting.
DATE POSTED: 9/21/2008
NAME: Nancy
  I've never bothered to review my birth chart or debate my sign for that matter but I was also born three months premature.

I was born January 12th but the actual due date was April 12th.

I was born very healthy, weighing 5lbs. I have no actual physical disturbances.

I have taken note that my personality is more of a Aries than a Capricorn. But I'm not sure why, I always looked for a Capricorn reading even if I've never felt it pertained to me.

Only recently have I started reading both Capricorn and Aries readings.

SUBJECT: response to V. Vaughn Premature Birth article
DATE POSTED: 1/11/2008
  I was born three months premature in 1975, and I've met someone born two months premature in 1981, and neither of us have any of the medical or other problems people like to associate with preemies. Until I see some hard, physical evidence that being born premature in this day and age is risky, I give no credence to these kinds of claims.

SUBJECT: Premature Birth
DATE POSTED: 2/18/2003
NAME: Randall
  This is a very interesting article. I was born three months premature in 1970, and it was presumed I would die. Fortunately enough for me, I did not, and I managed to escape most if not all of the problems often associated with premature birth, including low IQ, blindness, and developmental delays. I have Sun square Neptune, and Neptune and Saturn are in opposition, both square my Mars. Luckily, Jupiter is on the ascendant and sextile to my Mars, and Saturn is trine my Mercury -- factors that probably helped me survive.

SUBJECT: Astrological study
DATE POSTED: 9/28/2000
NAME: Pat Lantz
  Great article. Is the astrological study avaliable and if so who do I contact?

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