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SUBJECT: Prediction of Super Bowl outcome
DATE POSTED: 1/27/2001
NAME: Anthony Louis
  Who will win the Super Bowl?

I thought it would be interesting to speculate astrologically about the outcome of the Super Bowl game. The chart for the kickoff of the Super Bowl has 13 Leo rising, making the Sun ruler and Almuten of the Ascendant. With Aquarius on the cusp of the 7th house (the opposing team), Uranus and Saturn rule the other team and Saturn is Almuten of the 7th house. To determine the winner of the game using the techniques of horary astrology, we would consider primarily Leo/Sun (the kickoff team) and Aquarius/Saturn (the opposing team).

The Sun has no essential dignity and lies in detriment, suggesting that the team to kick off in the Super Bowl is at a disadvantage. The Sun is separating from a favorable trine to Jupiter and applies to a sextile with powerful Pluto, which gives the kickoff team plenty of moxie. The Sun (kickoff team) conjoins Neptune, which is a confusing influence and may indicate that the kickoff team partied a little too much with alcohol or intoxicating substances prior to the game.

Saturn (the team opposing the kickoff team) is mildly dignified, being in his own terms and face, and Saturn receives some favorable aspects from the benefic planets Venus (sextile) and Jupiter (conjunction). Uranus, the co-ruler of the team opposing the kickoff team in strong in his own sign Aquarius in the 7th house. Mars is the most dignified planet in this chart, suggesting a very active game with lots of aggressive playing by both sides.

Based on these factors, I would expect the team that kicks off, represented by Leo and the Sun, to lose the game by a relatively close score.

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