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SUBJECT: Foot & Mouth Disease Article
DATE POSTED: 3/19/2001
NAME: Keith Hackwood
  I enjoyed your StarIQ article, but you made one factual error - animals do not die, generally speaking, from foot & mouth. The slaughter is designed to eradicate the disease through a mediavel style scorched earth policy, and is very clearly driven by economic factors with explicit political/big business overtones. The appropriateness of such intensive farming methods, animal welfare and consumer attitudes towards foodstuffs are generally marginalised considerations here at the moment. Britain, especially rural Britain, is in a plague mentality and completely healthy animals are just as likely to be slaughtered now, in the name of protecting investments. I would consider the involvement of Pluto in this whole sorry story, and particularly the Pluto in Virgo generation who are beginning to take power and investigate the 'purity' of the foodstuffs we consume and their origins in the food chain. Another factor is the Uranian/Aquarian nature of the airborne element of this disease and the mass trauma it is causing - a contagion for the new age?

For those not witnessing the scenes at present it is hard to comprehend how hundreds of thousands of animals can be slaughtered and burned en masse because of an economic, rather than a health, imperative. It is indicative of the deep split in our western food-cycle and the industrialisation of agriculture and farming which perpetuates it. It is insane.

Best wishes, and thanks for the article,

Keith Hackwood MA
Cardiff, Wales, UK

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