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SUBJECT: On the Cusp of the Age of Aquarius
DATE POSTED: 3/19/2003
  First, I must say that astrology and it's most public supporters have never been much more than entertainment to me. I hope that with that being said, my next comments gain some added weight.

I recently read a very intriguing work of fiction called "The Da Vinci Code", written by Dan Brown. The book itself covers many interesting concepts, one of which was delving slightly into the possible effects of the coming new age.

Many of the theories and speculations in this book I found to be extremely interesting, and the logic that supported them was very clear and easy to follow. Suddenly, some of the beliefs of those involved in astrology did not seem so off base, nor purely entertaining.

Bringing us back to the article mentioned in this messages subject, I found the majority of what you spoke about in this article to be very telling, and I would be lying to say that the prospect of something such as this being true isn't exciting.

It seems too, that when looking at the world around me, I notice subtle changes in the ways things are being handled. If a period lasts 2000 years, it would be wise to assume that during an individuals lifetime perceiving such changes would be nearly impossible. At the very least, impossible to predict whether the new behavior will be a lasting one, or simply a quick spark of originality that failed to make the evolutionary grade, and returned itself quietly to non-existence.

Again, I want to thank you for writing an article which I truly enjoyed reading, and initiated some interesting thought processes in my mind. Keep doing what you are doing, and I will do my best to keep my mind as open as possible from now on.

Jim Mason

SUBJECT: Age of Aquarius
DATE POSTED: 11/15/2001
NAME: Damon Elkins
  See for reason why the year 2000 is the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius.
This concurs with the anticenter of the Milky Way Galaxy (as viewed from center across Sol) between Taurus and Gemini and just above Orion's upraised sword where Earth's ecliptic crosses the galactic equator.
Why this? Because the "cornerstones of heaven" can be depicted by a scale model of the Great Pyramid fitted inside the celestial sphere with one base corner at galactic center in Sagittarius, the diagonally opposite corner at the above mentioned spot over Orion's upraised sword, another base corner near the Cygnus Loop which is 90 deg to the "left", its diagonally opposite corner near Vela to the "right" and finally "up" in Coma Berenices and "down" near Sculptor. With these locations known and referenced to the band of stars in our galaxy, one can navigate the heavens in this vicinity of the galaxy.
This is clearly understood by the association of the "navigation disk" from Sitchin's "The 12th Planet" to the aerial views of Cydonia and of Giza. There is an implied celestial sphere by the marking of Gemini on the disk which is key to orientation and to scale so that all this information fits.
There is a video underway to explain via virtual flythrough.
In short, the Aquarius Group has it right...based upon some heavy corroboration of the ancients and their plan commemmorated in megalithic structures on Earth and on Mars. Into this scenario fits the ancient religio/mythic lore from around the world....including the times of alignment of the heavens...the Ages of Leo and Aquarius...depicted by the lion and man characteristics of the Great Sphinx of Giza.
This information has been through its first two stages of reaching the level of "truth"'s been ridiculed, violently attacked, now it's time to be "self-evident"...which it is and will become moreso with time.
Damon Elkins

SUBJECT: From Pisces to Aquarius
DATE POSTED: 10/24/2001
NAME: barbara a everett
EMAIL: bevere@
  This is an impressive article. I have sent it on to others. Thank you for explaining the two ages so well in light of the challenges of this time. A truly expert understanding of Pisces and Aquarius. Barbara Everett

SUBJECT: On the Cusp of the Age of Aquarius
DATE POSTED: 10/24/2001
NAME: Mimi
  Hi Jeff,

Absolutely, positively, excellent says it all, at least for me....Thank you!

Mimi ^v^

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