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DATE POSTED: 5/28/2016
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SUBJECT: to Mr. Rob Hand
DATE POSTED: 8/28/2006
NAME: Ibrahim Abu
  your simplicity , clearity in explantion of Mr. Dick Cheney natal chart is being vehemently surrprising me , , , May my natal chart give you another approach I am jordanian artist , study Archi., calligraphy& design , ,but my life fluctuated and deteroirated by the squar angle between Sun&Saturn and the opp. between Venus&Uranus in it's ditriment position in Leo , I lost My late daughter Nadia in 1/3/2003 ; she born in amman , 19/3/1988 . as isaid I started to study astrology since 2001 by myself through many Ref. like Vivian Robson , frances Sakoian & lately by parker Ast.. Sorry for the

SUBJECT: Scorpio Finally finds Astrology Heaven
DATE POSTED: 8/26/2002
NAME: Daryl Hunt
  Over the past 4 years I have been, not so much interested in astrology, rather Drawn to it. I am 25, live in Australia and my sign is Scorpio. StarIq is very informative and is also a helpful tool in finding out about my sign,birthchart analysis etc. Everything I have read on Scorpio has been eeringly correct and just makes my thirst for more information about astrology greater. Top articles, Top site, Keep it up!

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