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DATE POSTED: 1/30/2017
NAME: Judithpem
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DATE POSTED: 3/8/2004
NAME: Clayt. Hale
  This is an excellent scholarly informative article by this author and I highly commend him for sticking to the subject rather than indulging in 'Bush Bashing' as he is prone to do for lack of anything better - much appreciated information!

SUBJECT: daily weekly forcast on american stocks, t bond ,curriencies ,commoditirs
DATE POSTED: 6/29/2003
NAME: kashif
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SUBJECT: Thank you
DATE POSTED: 6/27/2003
NAME: Ian Xel Lungold
  Dear Robert,
Thank you for doing the right thing with this information about the Mayan calendar and the evolution of consciousness. That is to study this information for application in your life. And then, spread this information as far and wide as you can. I can tell that you "Own" this information and will be able to help many people.
My thanks again my new friend, my brother, my earthship mate.
In service,
Ian Xel Lungold

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