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DATE POSTED: 7/10/2017
NAME: BrettSap
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DATE POSTED: 5/14/2017
NAME: BrettSap
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SUBJECT: State of astrology
DATE POSTED: 10/20/2003
NAME: Jamie
  There is much wisdom in your writings but you say that you cannot understand why millions of people ,each month, starve to death while there are so many spiritual leaders and healers to ease the suffering........The answer is If one does not have it one cannot live. Now I know that Astrologers and spiritual healers must support themselves and their famalies but not at the expense of another persons misfortune. While I am a firm believer in the science of Astrology I do not believe that if it could save one persons life it should have a price tag on it. Greed and the ego are mankinds downfall. I see wealthy people, and I know wealthy people who spend their lives feeding their ego's with jewels, designer clothing, luxury vehicles, exotic vacations, opulent homes, etc.,etc.,etc. These people are in a position to ease the suffering of his brother or sister but instead chooses to satiate the "ego". Spiritual healing is not a luxury you should be readily available at NO cost to the suffering.I cannot believe with all of your enlightment that you cannot see the forrest for the trees? The answer lies in intense spiritual growth THROUGH suffering.One cannot understand the agony in watching a loved one suffer or die because they lack the funds to purchase the "cure". The pain is excrutiating and never decreasing even with the passage of time. You live your life through the suffering of that loved one until one day you have no more ego..there is no need for material posessions because the one thing you desire most is a "cure". While there are knowledgeable people with great skills unfortunately they are sometimes misused. I cannot give advice on a subect I know nothing about, likewise, a "spiritual" healer cannot heal without the knowledge of just is not logical. There will pass many, many decades before we see all human kind on one page...

SUBJECT: Your article
DATE POSTED: 10/13/2003
NAME: Robert Gover
Loved your latest article! Especailly the final paragraph.

SUBJECT: Jeff Jawer's "The State of Astrology"
DATE POSTED: 10/12/2003
NAME: D.D. Delaney
  I, too, have often wondered why the ideas that percolated with such fertility in the 1960's and '70's--not limited to the resurging interest in a modernized astrology but including many new and revised models in lifestyle and behavior--never quite caught on. And I agree it's perplexing that the problem of human suffering, with its seemingly relentless insistence upon self-destruction, only increases as our knowledge and technology become more sophisticated. All I can think to say in response is that, in any age, even when knowledge is great and opportunity abounds, the wise are always few. Keep up the good work, Jeff Jawer!

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