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SUBJECT: clarke
DATE POSTED: 4/8/2004
NAME: barbara a everett
This is one terrific article. You spoke to the heart and soul of this confusing time, and to a man who is indeed an Eagle. Thank you for understanding him and the injustred pulse of our tattered country.


SUBJECT: Chiron/Pluto
DATE POSTED: 4/6/2004
NAME: Isabelle Ghaneh
  Pythia thank you for adding your comments to my article. That is a great topic to be considered, the generational effect of Pluto transiting Chiron and what it means for those effected.

SUBJECT: Pluto/Chiron article
DATE POSTED: 4/2/2004
NAME: Pythia
  Dear Isabelle,

Thank you so much for your insightfl stariq article on Richard Clarke and his pluto/chiron transit. In addition to adding more depth to my perception of him, I also appreciated reading something about the pluto transit over the generation of those who are born with chiron in sagittarius (like me!). I would love to see a more in-depth article on that topic.

thank you again!
pythia peay

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