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DATE POSTED: 1/30/2017
NAME: PhyllisTic
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SUBJECT: Australia Birth of a Nation
DATE POSTED: 5/16/2004
NAME: June Reeder
  Thank you for an article about us here down under.I have been asking for this for a while, also John Howard 's chart with his grand Cross.

Could you popssible supply me with Edward De Bono's Birth time His birth date was 19 May 1933 Valetta Malta... I was born on the same day. I have been trying to d a rectification, but I am not a very skilled astrologer, onlyu starting study in my late 60's better late than never regards

SUBJECT: Australia
DATE POSTED: 5/14/2004
From 1999 to 2004, Australia was dominant in lot of sports-winning WC
in rugby,hockey,cricket and lastly Davis Cup in Dec 2003;also Sydeny staged the 2000 Olympics.This was like a peak in Aussie sports.Do you think,astrologically, now they've started slipping since, losing WC rugby to UK, then lost first round in Davis Cup, even India gave them all they can handle in Test cricket in Dec-Jan'04?

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