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SUBJECT: Gemini Rising US chart.
DATE POSTED: 3/31/2005
NAME: Carol Amon
  I also support the Gemini Rising chart.The dynamic between the Uranus & Neptune mutual reception of the transits in this chart are amazing. With Neptune conjunct US Moon we see the religious faith affecting the President, desiring to make a change.Uranus in Pisces square to original position shows the possibility of loss of independence of people. the transitting Plto square to natal Neptune shows a new perspective through manipulation of faith initatives. Uranus mutual reception point is 8 Aquarius promising freedom of people.

SUBJECT: infrastructure
DATE POSTED: 3/21/2005
NAME: Ed Altizer
  The damage done to the infrastructure of Iraq was accomplished by 25 yrs of Saddam's terror. This is very characteristic of that type of regime.
Wars waged by US military in recent times do minimal damage to infrastructure.
The political prejudices of this site do significant damage to analytic studies.

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