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SUBJECT: Astrology and Astronomy
DATE POSTED: 2/28/2019
NAME: Robert W

With respect, there is no reunion happening; Astrology and Astronomy are not working together. Such a reunion is quite a ways off if ever and as it happens is completely unnecessary to the futherance of either field of research.

Robert W.

SUBJECT: Chiron Article
DATE POSTED: 8/22/2014
NAME: Martin DiCarlo
  Very interesting, although I don't use it myself. I've found a couple of books very hard to read, so let it go. I have Chiron in Libra conjunct Jupiter intercepted so thought it would be interesting to take a closer look.

SUBJECT: The importance of natal Chiron in holistic healing
DATE POSTED: 4/30/2002
NAME: Linda Gordon
  Thank you, for this wonderfully informative exposition on Chiron.

As an amateur astrologer I am integrating the interpretation of Chiron in natal charts with the healing work I do. I am not doing this professionally, but as an adjunct to the growing numbers of psychic readings, as a clairvoiyant, that I do for friends and family.

I find that understanding the placement of Chiron in the natal chart is a tremendous tool for getting to the heart of an individual's core issue.

I'm glad to see that Chiron is finally being recognized for the ability to point the way to complete and total healing on all levels. This, of course, is only true for individuals willing to do the hard work that healing always requires. The good news is - for those who are ready, Chiron can cut straight to the chase.

Thanks for your good and important work on this issue.

DATE POSTED: 5/19/2001
NAME: Ginny Achin
  Hello Eric,
Nice to "See you":-)
Enjoyed your article on Chiron, will look more into your
site soon as I have a chance. You would most likely
find affinity with mine also:

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