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1/21/18 Sun quintile Jupiter
We are working our way back into the real world, but weíre not in too much of a hurry to get there today. The dreamy Pisces Moon invites us to while away the time in contemplation, meditation or fantasy. Nevertheless, we are coaxed into action when the moody Moon trines impatient Mars. Meanwhile, the progressive Aquarius Sun forms a creative quintile with moralistic Jupiter in shrewd Scorpio, encouraging us to put our high ideals to practical use.



A gathering of the planetary tribe in cautious Capricorn reminds us to take life seriously. Somber Saturnís first full month in Capricorn confirms the karmic overtones of this you-get-what-you-deserve moment in time. Saturnís scheduled meeting in January 2020 with nihilistic Pluto sets the agenda for the next two years. But this January is all about Capricorn, peaking around January 9 when a conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Pluto sextiles the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. Itís a take-no-prisoners energy that issues the next installment on this cosmic reality check. The Capricorn New Moon on January 16 has six planets jammed into Capricorn to make the point that fake is fake, no matter how you slice it, once you peel away the layers of bullshit. And then, thereís this pesky Total Eclipse of the Leo Moon on January 31 to make sure the month ends with a kick.

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at SoulFood Coffeehouse in Redmond WA

Our Changing Sky

Neptune in Pisces
Feb 3 - Mar 30, 2025


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