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Join Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer for their 2015 Forecast Retreat in Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon from January 9-11.

Sunday's New Moon in Capricorn at 5:25 pm Pacific Time is a powerful kickoff to a fresh cycle. Read about it and the other major astrological events for the coming lunar month in the New Moon Report.

with Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine

Recorded live on December 3, 2014
SoulFood Coffeehouse in Redmond, Washington

12/20/14—We are drawn toward unusual people who stimulate our desire for change now that romantic Venus squares radical Uranus. But Venus also dances with transformational Pluto, indicating that we must go deep if we want to shift the current energy. We are caught between the compulsive self-restraint of several planets in traditional Capricorn and the progressive Mars-Uranus sextile. Ultimately, the adventurous Sagittarius Moon pushes us into action.

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by Ralfee Finn
We’re still in the midst of significant passages that mark endings and beginnings, and it wouldn’t do to hurry across these thresholds. The most important turning point is the winter solstice on December 21. 12/18/2014
Saturn in Sagittarius
by Jeff Jawer
Saturn in Sagittarius can be interpreted as an obligation to be optimistic. It is this commitment to finding a vision that allows us to build bridges from the fears of today to a more fulfilling tomorrow. 12/16/2014
Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
We’re in liminal space for the next several weeks, as astral alignments form a series of thresholds, creating the in-between dimension necessary to move from one reality to another. 12/11/2014
Venus in Capricorn: Working for Love
by Jeff Jawer
Amorous Venus' entry into serious Capricorn on December 10 makes responsibility a priority in pursuit of love and discipline a key to building lasting relationships. 12/8/2014
Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
The Uranus/Pluto conjunctions of the Sixties occurred in Virgo, the sign where we recognize the essential interconnectedness and interdependence of life. 12/4/2014
Our Changing Sky

in Capricorn

Dec 16 - Jan 4, 2015


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