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The dominant source of astral heat is a Grand Trine in Fire among Uranus in Aries Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. The Fire element is characterized by passion and daring—Aries thrives on excitement, Leo loves romance, and Sagittarius lives for adventure—and when all three Fire Signs combine in a positive formation, their joint influence ignites fervor everywhere. More-->

with Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine

Recorded live on September 3, 2014
SoulFood Coffeehouse in Redmond, Washington

10/2/14—It’s wise to think twice before sharing our feelings as the Moon visits emotionally conservative Capricorn. However, we may grow agitated enough to express ourselves anyhow when the Moon squares radical Uranus early this morning. Later, the Moon's annoying alignment with joyful Jupiter encourages optimism, but it’s not healthy to take our newfound confidence too far. Ultimately, a lunar connection to calculating Saturn supports logic over emotion.

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Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
Expect very little to be normal—as if normal exists anymore—and also anticipate moods to swing high and low as many of us struggle to maintain balance in the midst of these erratic rhythms. 9/25/2014
Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
The main source of the rising tide of intensity is a trine between Jupiter and Uranus, an idealistic coupling that is characterized by enthusiasm. 9/18/2014
Mars in Sagittarius
by Jeff Jawer
The warrior planet's presence in fiery Sagittarius from September 13 until October 25 inspires risk-taking. It's time to aim for the sky 9/17/2014
Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
The planets are writing unusual messages across the sky this week, and as they do, life on Earth runs the risk of becoming even more confusing, conflicted, confrontational, and unconventional. 9/11/2014
Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
The Sun/Pluto trine from last week carries over into this one and continues to provide a grounded approach to the routines of daily life. 9/4/2014
Our Changing Sky

Venus in Libra
Sep 29 - Oct 23
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