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Co-founder of StarIQ

(May 16, 1946 — February 10, 2015)

Jeff Jawer took his last breath on this planet and his first breath in the cosmos on February 10, 2015 at 6:02 am PST in Kirkland, WA. Join me (Rick Levine), Jeff's wife (Danick), his daughters (Laura and Lyana) and friends in celebrating his peaceful transition as if it was a well-earned graduation for a life well lived.

Peace out, brother Jeff!

Rick Levine

RSVP Jeff Jawer's Celebration of Life.
Sunday, March 22 at 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Daybreak Star Cultural Center
Seattle, Washington

with Rick Levine

Recorded live on March 4, 2015
SoulFood Coffeehouse in Redmond, WA

3/6/15— We may spend so much time weeding out unwanted noise that we don’t get much done today. However, at best, the meticulous Virgo Moon helps us distinguish what's useful from what is not. Although yesterday’s Full Moon is beginning to wane, aspects to expansive Jupiter and irrepressible Uranus linger and we may have trouble honoring our own boundaries. The Moon slips into harmonizing Libra at 7:52 pm EST, enabling us to restore balance to our world.

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Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
It’s Mercury Retrograde—first one of 2015—from January 21 until February 11. And it’s a doozy, if only because it’s more emotionally charged than a retrograde is supposed to be, and those strong feelings tip the normal frustration of a retrograde to extremes. 1/22/2015
Saturn in Sagittarius
by Jeff Jawer
Saturn in Sagittarius can be interpreted as an obligation to be optimistic. It is this commitment to finding a vision that allows us to build bridges from the fears of today to a more fulfilling tomorrow. 1/1/2015
New Year Resolutions
by Jeff Jawer
Jupiter and Saturn in fire signs when 2015 begins give us some good ideas about possible New Year resolutions. 12/30/2014
Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
As you work your way through the last seven days of the year, make time to contemplate where you are polarized, internally or externally. 12/25/2014
Capricorn: The Top of the Mountain
by Jeff Jawer
Capricorn is not just the mountain goat, it’s the goatfish, a mythical creature whose aspirations are guided by inspiration and sensitivity, not the cold heart of ambition. 12/23/2014
Our Changing Sky

in Aquarius

Jan 4 - Mar 12


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