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with Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine

Recorded live on August 6, 2014
SoulFood Coffeehouse in Redmond, Washington

8/30/14—We may feel as if we’re coming out of the fog today when the clouds of illusion begin to lift and we can see things as they really are. The emotional weather could shift rather suddenly once the Moon swims into passionate Scorpio at 4:52 am EDT. We’re able to anticipate a storm around the next bend, even if the horizon is still clear. Although we might be inclined to hold onto our current feelings, it’s still wiser to release them and move on.

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Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
The Sun, in Virgo, makes two interesting contacts. First, it’s opposite Neptune, In Pisces, an interaction that inclines toward daydreaming and all other sorts of imaginal meanderings. 8/28/2014
Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
The source of this week’s highs and lows are many-fold: First, the Mars/Saturn conjunction, in Scorpio, continues to tighten its grip. 8/21/2014
Mastery Not Misery
by Jeff Jawer
Fear surrounding next week's Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio fails to take into account the self-control, mastery and increased competence of this aspect. 8/19/2014
Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
On this free will planet, individual choices coalesce and determine the collective narrative. With that in mind, do your best to handle the astral fire with wisdom and skill. 8/14/2014
by Jeff Jawer
TimePassages astrology software for PC and Mac has features for professional astrologers and interpretations to help educate beginners and students. 8/8/2014
Our Changing Sky

Sun in Virgo
Aug 22 - Sep 22
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