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Current Events


The Quixotic Ex-Governor
by Jeff Jawer
Sarah Palin, an Aquarius, resigned her position of Governor of Alaska with nebulous Neptune transiting her Saturn, the planet of responsibility. 7/7/2009
Hamas and the Lunar Nodes
by Jeff Jawer
Hamas makes an offer under the influence of a Neptune transit and we take a look at the Moon's North and South Nodes in Aquarius and Leo. 5/5/2009
Swine Flu and Various U.S. Rising Signs
by Jeff Jawer
Are Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron fanning pandemic flames and a comment on different Ascendants for the United States chart. 4/28/2009
Neptune and Secession; Venus Direct
by Jeff Jawer
Neptune and Jupiter on the U.S. Moon in Aquarius smokes out secession talk while Venus turning direct is welcomed by a plunging stock market. 4/21/2009
Jeff's Blog: Cuba, Venus and Capricorns
by Jeff Jawer
The U.S. lifts some restrictions on Cuba, Venus is turning direct this week, and Tiger Woods and LeBron James personify Capricorn's incredible drive. 4/14/2009
AstroNews April 7, 2009
by Jeff Jawer
This week's AstroNews looks at stumbling Larry Summers and Barack Obama's first major diplomatic journey. 4/7/2009
Uranus in Pisces
by Therese Murphy
Revolutionary Uranus began its seven-year stay in spiritual Pisces on March 10, 2003. 1/1/2008
Saturn in Virgo
by Ed Tamplin
Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin looks back at previous periods of Saturn in Virgo with an eye on what its next visit there might bring. 8/31/2007
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
by Ed Tamplin
Itís not drawing too long a bow to liken Sagittarian Jupiter to a big man riding a giant horse, heading for a gunfight at the nearest OK Corral. 12/8/2006
Condoleezza: Give Peace a Chance
by Ed Tamplin
Saturn-Neptune and the U.S. Monetary System
by Robert Gover
Global Corporations & Territorial Imperative
by Robert Gover
Mars and the Commonwealth Games
by Ed Tamplin
Neptune and the New Fed Chairman
by Robert Gover
Saturn-Neptune Avian Flu
by Robert Gover
Swords & Plowshares
by Judith Goldberg
Grand Cross or Southern Cross
by Ed Tamplin
A Perfect Storm
by Celeste Longacre
Bayou Blues
by Judith Goldberg
Katrina & the 8th Harmonic
by Lisa Stephens
Katrina Awakens the Ghosts of Galveston
by Sherrynne Dalby
USA, Uranus & Iraq
by Ed Tamplin
The Tenth Planet
by D.K. Brainard
London 2005
by Lisa Stephens
When Destiny Calls - Saturn in Leo
by Judith Goldberg
Hunter S. Thompson
by D.K. Brainard
Uranus Square Uranus: US 2005
by Beth Evans
Social Security and Murphy's Law
by Robert Gover
Mercury, Pluto and the Vote Count
by Robert Gover
Election 2004
by Ed Tamplin
Vietnam, Iraq, Saturn & Pluto
by Robert Gover
Election in Oz 2004
by Ed Tamplin
Moonstruck in Boston
by Judith Goldberg
Farewell to the Fortieth, Part 2
by Judith Goldberg
Farewell to the Fortieth
by Judith Goldberg
Zhu Di to G. Bush
by Robert Gover
Richard Clarke: Pluto Meets Chiron
by Isabelle Ghanah
Terror in Spain
by Ed Tamplin
Pluto and Mars - Fiery Encounters
by Ed Tamplin
Harmonic Concordance, A Reality Check
by Ken Kalb
Uranus in Pisces, Part 2
by Therese Murphy
Ingress charts for Uranus in Pisces in 2003 and 1919 are explored and compared to the US Sagittarius rising chart. 3/13/2003
Jupiter Opposite Neptune
by Jeff Jawer
Jupiter and Neptune are in opposition with one another, just as they were at the beginning of the Vietnam War. 2/10/2003
Space Shuttle Columbia
by Moses Siregar III
Major planetary patterns were present when the Columbia Space Shuttle fell from the sky on February 1, 2003. 2/6/2003
The Grand Illusion
by John Whalen
The leaders of America and Iraq are locked in a battle of wills that seems to have blinded them to the possibility of compromise. 1/9/2003
War Fever
by Robert Gover
America's wars have corresponded with outer planet transits to significant points in the United States chart. 10/3/2002
Saturn-Pluto Revisited
by Jeff Jawer
The opposition between Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius is technically over, but its effects will be with us for years. 9/20/2002
Enron: The Phoenix Will Rise Again
by Fred Singh
The chart of the Enron Corporation shows its innovation, potential for greed and fall. But at least one astrologer thinks that they're not done yet. 2/28/2002
Recent Saturn-Pluto Cycles
by Rick Levine
Recent history is full of powerful examples that demonstrate how the Saturn-Pluto cycle relates to changes in the international political landscape. 11/10/2001
Pisces to Aquarius
by Jeff Jawer
The long transition from the Pisces Age of Religion to the individualism of the Aquarian Age may be the defining astrological factor behind the conflict between Islam and the United States. 11/10/2001
Neptune and Bioterrorism
by Raymond Merriman
Neptune symbolizes this period with its potential for reactions based on assumptions or even false or misleading information. It is a time when misinformation can lead to hysteria. 10/17/2001
Terrorist Attack: Laura Lee Interview
by staff
Laura Lee interviews StarIQ founders Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine for the astrological view on the September 11 terrorist attacks. 9/25/2001
Terror from the Sky
by Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer
The worst attack in American history was launched in the midst of the long Saturn-Pluto opposition. Although astrology cannot take away the feelings of uncertainty and horror, we can gain perspective by looking at key astrological factors involved in these tragic events. 9/22/2001
The Shape of Our Future
by Jeff Jawer
Special comments from StarIQ cofounder Jeff Jawer 9/14/2001
Timothy McVeigh: The Day of Judgment
by John Whalen
Timothy McVeigh's horoscope shows elements of stubborn fanaticism. Yet, it was his choice alone to apply them in such a destructive manner. 5/9/2001
Battlefield: Education
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The education signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are currently seeing quite a bit of astrological action, provoking hot debates over public education and who is going to pay for it. 4/17/2001
Standoff in China: Problem or Opportunity?
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Bush administration is facing its first foreign policy crisis with the recent collision and landing of a spy plane in China. The birth charts of the U.S. and China offer insights into their challenging relationship. 4/6/2001
Foot and Mouth Comes to a Head
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Large animals and the wide, open spaces needed to maintain them are astrologically related to Jupiter and Sagittarius. In the current outbreak of foot and mouth disease, the influence of this planet and sign are unmistakable. 3/18/2001
Classroom Avengers:
The Astrology of School Shootings

by Valerie Vaughan
During the past decade, the American public has been shocked by a wave of school shooting incidents. Common astrological themes appear frequently at the time of these tragic events. 3/9/2001
Earthquake in India
by Jeff Jawer
On January 26, 2001 India was struck by a massive earthquake. The planetary patterns in effect at the time led more than one astrologer to predict such an event. 1/29/2001
2001 Astrologers' Predictions
by StarIQ Writers
What does the year ahead hold for us? What about the economy? The market? Politics? Personal issues? See what leading astrologers have to say about the coming year. 12/26/2000
Uranus Rocks the Presidency
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Something strange is afflicting the executive office. The usual suspect in all things unusual is the planet Uranus. 11/24/2000
The Boy Scouts: On Our Honor
by Philip Sedgwick
An Aquarian organization such as the Boy Scouts of America ought to be flourishing with the humanistic Uranus in its sign. So whatís gone wrong for the Scouts? 11/8/2000
Election 2000: Who Will Win?
by StarIQ
Who will be the next U.S. president? Take a look at the predictions of some well-known astrologers for what may turn out to be one of the closest presidential races ever. 11/2/2000
Presidential Election
by StarIQ Writers
Here is a collection of StarIQ articles on the candidates for the 2000 U.S. presidential election. 10/27/2000
Rumble Under New York
by Philip Sedgwick
It finally happened. The Subway Series is back in New York for the first time since 1958. Both teams have Jupiter in Pisces, but the rest of their astrological stories are very different. 10/24/2000
Defiant Prayers Kick Off High School Football Season
by Pat Lantz
The current Jupiter-Pluto opposition has even affected high school football. Attention has not been focused so much on the players on the field as on the prayers in the grandstands. 10/18/2000
The US EconomyóRunning Out of Gas?
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
After going through the energy crisis of the 70s, how did we end up driving gas-sucking SUVs and mini-vans? America's addiction to fossil fuels is a bad habit we just can't kick. 10/17/2000
Bias in the Bureau of Indian Affairs
by Philip Sedgwick
After over 150 years of harmful policies, Saturn and Jupiter prompt the Bureau of Indian Affairs to apologize and renew their mission. 10/10/2000
Napster: The Music Industry Revolution
by Pat Hardy
Napster represents the shift in digital media distribution, including music, film and publishing. The way we access these is about to change. 9/21/2000
The Kursk: Things Fall Apart
by Eric Francis
When the Kursk nuclear submarine sank on August 12, another veil of the Iron Curtain was lifted to reveal a country being shaken at its roots. 9/20/2000
The Olympic Flame Burns Over Sydney
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Despite scandals, boycotts and commercialism, the Olympic torch still shines. Perhaps the spirit of the games and the torch are protected by their guardian planet, Jupiter. 9/19/2000
Gambling: Let the Good Times Roll
by Ricky Corcilius and Dany Falconer Flint
Ka-ching! The year-long conjunction of Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius is bringing with it a worldwide obsession with gambling and the lottery. 9/12/2000
The FAA: Stormy Skies
by Philip Sedgwick
The FAA has recently been under fire for ignoring critical life-and-death details in public air safety. What will restore the confidence of the flying public in this agency? 9/6/2000
Whew, That Was Close!
by Philip Sedgwick
An object of about half a kilometer in diameter passed relatively close to the Earth on September 1, 2000. Astronomers spotted it less than a week before. 9/1/2000
Yasser, Ehud, Can We Talk?
by John M. Whalen
This fall's Jupiter-Pluto opposition may play a big role in talks between Israel and the Palestinians. 8/31/2000
Prozac Gets Competition
by Michael WolfStar
A federal appeals court recently cleared the way for early generic competition to Eli Lilly's blockbuster antidepressant Prozac. Not surprisingly, Neptune plays a leading role in the drug's chart. 8/30/2000
The West is Burning
by Philip Sedgwick
Even with modern fire-fighting techniques, we can't control the wildfires raging through the west. With Pluto in Sagittarius, we are compelled to redefine our relationship with nature. 8/27/2000
An Aries Wins Top Survivor Prize
by Bil Tierney
Aries Richard Hatch is the winner of CBS' smash summer hit show Survivor. Here's the astrology behind the story. 8/24/2000
Air Rage
by Philip Sedgwick
Air rage has been big news lately, as more and more cases are reported. Outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto tell the story. 8/23/2000
Human Genetics: O Brave New World!
by John M. Whalen
On June 26, President Clinton held a press conference to announce that science has begun to unravel the mysteries of genetic coding. Let's have a look at the chart for this historic moment. 8/16/2000
Concorde Crashes: End of an Era?
by Philip Sedgwick with Jeff Jawer
Significant astrological factors indicate that the days of the world's fastest commercial jet may be numbered. 7/26/2000
Solar Flares
by Philip Sedgwick
The second largest solar storm in twenty years erupted on July 14, 2000. 7/17/2000
The E-Signature Bill is Passed
by Pat Esclavon Hardy
Electronic signatures become legal as Jupiter, planet of the law, enters Gemini, the sign of communication. Here are the amazing astrological details. 7/10/2000
The Nuclear Axis
by Eric Francis
Recent fires at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and Los Alamos, New Mexico are astrologically connected to the birth of the nuclear age. 6/30/2000
The Mystery of the Student Deaths at the University of Georgia
by Anthony Louis
Eleven students have died at the University of Georgia since January. Could the deaths be related to Saturn's pass over Pluto in the university's birth chart? 5/17/2000
Einstein: The Century's Choice!
by Dorothy Oja
Albert Einstein is Time Magazine's "Person of the Century." What does his chart say about this...relatively speaking? 3/2/2000
Roots in the Air
by Lynn Bell
High winds uproot thousands of trees in Europe as stable Saturn and revolutionary Uranus set the stage for change. 2/7/2000
WTO: Shaping the World's Economic Future
by Jeff Jawer
Divergent forces clashing in Seattle raise questions about free trade, fairness and the environment. 12/1/1999
Y2K: How Real Is It?
by M. Kelley Hunter
Happy New Year! Major planetary patterns show that Y2K is more than a simple change of the calendar. 11/23/1999

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