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What is PlanetForecast?
PlanetForecast is a completely personalized astrology forecasting service. Unlike the generalized Sun sign forecasts you see in newspapers, magazines and on many other websites, this service is based entirely on your specific date, time and place of birth.

How does PlanetForecast work?
After completing a simple and confidential registration form your birth chart will be calculated and kept on file. This chart, your natal chart, is a precise picture of the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets specific to your time and place of birth. The only way someone else could possibly have the same chart is if that person was born at the exact time and place as you.

Upon registration you will be sent a confirmation email along with information on current astrological patterns. You will continue to receive personalized email updates 6-12 times a month depending upon the activity in your astrological chart.

PlanetForecast sends information based on the transits of the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars.

What if I don't know my time of birth?
The highest level of detail is derived from a birth chart for the correct time of birth. However, a close approximation is better than no time at all. For example, if you know that you were born between 4 and 4:30 pm, you should enter 4:15 pm as this would be no more than 15 minutes off at the most. If you do not have any idea of your birth time, you are best off registering with no birth time. There are many astrological factors that will still work for you, but PlanetForecast will omit those that only work with an accurate birth time.

How can I find my birth time?
If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate, you can usually acquire one through the records office of the city, state or region in which you were born. When requesting a copy, make sure you ask for one with the time of birth. Many U.S. states have two certificates, one with the time and another without it. In some cases, hospitals will also still have a copy of the birth record.

Another approach is to search for information among family members or neighbors who may remember when you were born. Family records or family bibles are other possible sources.

How can I change my birth time?
You can change your birth time, email address or any other information by going to the PlanetForecast registration page. Enter your email address and password, click Submit and you'll be taken to your Edit Personal Profile page where you can make the change. You can also get there through the registration page by clicking on "If you're already registered, click here."

Do I have any control over the astrological cycles in my life?
Yes. While you can't change the timing of the cycles, you do have a great deal of choice over how you live with them. The more you learn about yourself the better able you are to wisely use the energies in your life. If your forecast is about impulsive behavior, this information can alert you so that you can balance this with thoughtfulness, as well as allow time for spontaneous activities. Every day and every moment of life has its purpose and meaning. StarIQ believes that astrology is a tool to help us make better choices, not to take away our choices.

How are the forecasts created?
These forecasts are based on the astrological technique called "transits." Transits take the planets (including the Sun and Moon) at any given time and compare them to the positions of the planets in a birth chart. When significant angles, called aspects, are formed between planets in the sky and planets in the birth chart these are reported as meaningful influences.

What does it mean when two transits describe conflicting patterns?
It's possible that one aspect will describe ease while another describes challenges. It's not uncommon in life that things are going well at work, but not at home, or vice versa, or that the morning's difficult, but the afternoon flows smoothly. We also have times when we're challenged, but find a successful way to overcome it. Sometimes a day is great except in one area. Your transits will reflect this.

How long do the influences described last?
A general rule of thumb is that the faster a planet moves the quicker its influence will pass. Transits from the Moon may only last an hour or two, those of Mercury and Venus up to a couple of days. Mars transits can work up to 3 or four days. The effects of Jupiter can easily last a couple of weeks, while those of Saturn endure for about a month. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits often spread out over months, even years.

You may find that you experience some transits a bit early or late. This is likely to be the result of a combination of patterns in your birth chart. We encourage you to keep a diary or journal of your transits over time. This way you'll have a clearer picture of exactly how they work in your life. You'll also find that as your understanding of a particular planet grows, that you will be able to handle its challenges with greater success.

Are there good days and bad days?
Clearly, we all have days that are easier or more fun than others. The purpose, though, is not simply to describe what's good or bad, but to help you understand the energies of the day so that you can use them most skillfully. When you understand the patterns of your life you are able to adjust your plans to maximize opportunities and reduce frustration. Every day, even a very difficult one, can be rewarding if you are able to learn from it.

What's the difference between PlanetIQ and PlanetForecast?
PlanetIQ describes the general astrological conditions in effect at a given time. These are like the weather patterns that affect everyone at the same time. However, we each have our own transits that describe individual cycles. For example, it may be raining for everyone today, but one person is able to enjoy the conditions while another is not. We are each part of the larger, collective universe, yet have our own unique angle of perspective and experience, so both are at work in your life.

Will I be asked to pay for this service in the future?
StarIQ will continue to provide free personal astrology services to its members. In fact, we will enhance these services in the months ahead. Later this year we will introduce optional services for a fee. However, you will never be dropped from PlanetForecast as long as you choose to continue receiving your transit emails.

Why is StarIQ doing this?
StarIQ is run by astrologers who believe that understanding our cycles is healthy and empowering. When we see the patterns in our lives we can use them in positive ways. We are also reminded that life is not an accident, but a meaningful experience of growth and discovery. Astrology is a powerful means to remind us of who we are so that we live up to our highest potentials. It connects technology with the human spirit to help make us whole again.

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