Moonprints is the result of my wondering. It is a collection of insights from the astronomical and astrological moons Ė the former reflecting the sun and the latter reflecting the intuitive and emotional self. I wanted this lunar report to be a unique ďbookĒ about the moon Ė with both generalized text and text that adjusts to the natal and evolving moon positions for each reader. Thus it contains moon truths that are both universal and personal. I hope after reading it you will feel closer to both these outer and inner moons. — Dana Gerhardt

Some of the astrological factors covered in this report are:

Your birth moon phase and monthly moon phase birthday
Your birth moon sign, aspects and house position
The nodes of the moon in your chart

How to work with the elements in your moon
A year of new and full moons around your chart
Your current progressed moon
The 30-year progressed lunation cycles

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Your inner moonscape



The natal moon

Disseminating moon

About three to four days after the Full Moon, venture out mid-morning and look above the Western horizon. Youíll see a waning Moon almost three-quarters full. This is the moon you were born under, the Disseminating Moon. As this phase begins, it rises mid-evening and sets at mid-morning (rising and setting about fifty minutes later each night after that). To become more familiar with this lunar phase in the coming months, its dates are listed later in this report under ďyour lunation birthday.Ē

The Disseminating Moon phase bestows a talent for teaching and communicating. Youíve come here to share with the world those ideas and truths that you find particularly meaningful. Though the Disseminator archetype is most typically represented as the Mentor or Sage, it is also, of course, the Seeker. For it is in what you seek -- your quest to understand those things which disturb or challenge you -- that you will discover the knowledge you need to share. Soon after you start asking the questions, youíll likely be ready to start teaching the answers to others. This is your gift. And whether you favor the spoken or written word, your style will probably be quite engaging and charismatic. Itís also good to remember that wise demonstration can come not only from speaking or writing (I know one Disseminator who disseminates visual images as a photographer), but also from living your truth. One of the best ways to teach is by example. Walk the way of your words and their power will increase tenfold.

It helps of course to love what youíre teaching. Renewing your passion for the message youíre sharing is important. During those times you feel disconnected from your truth, you might actually look to the planet of love, Venus, for inspiration. Some astrologers believe that working with the position of Venus in a Disseminatorís chart, as well as the houses with Taurus and Libra on the cusp, can help to better ground the Disseminator into their Moon phase purpose. While such an investigation is beyond the scope of this report, if you have some knowledge of astrology, you might want to pursue this on your own. Venusí house position may point to activities that are particularly on-purpose for you; aspects to Venus may show challenge and/or support for expressing this mission.

The Disseminating Moon shines at the waning half of the Moonís monthly cycle. This is a more inward and reflective period. Its focus is on the discovery of meaning. More than most, those born here need to make sure their actions are in tune with their personal philosophies. Whenever your life doesnít match your belief system, you may find that things donít run so smoothly. Yet you are bolstered by a highly individualistic vibration. Because you were born in the waning hemi-cycle, you entered your first progressed New Moon period before you were fifteen. That New Moon time likely inspired you to see your world with fresh eyes, to move forward into some new direction Ė which means earlier than others, you may have felt the urge to abandon the social norms around you. You likely knew your own mind before many of your friends knew theirs. (For dates and a discussion of the progressed New Moon, see the last section in this report.)

A more lunar way of knowing

Lunar phases draw from the cyclic relationship of the Sun and Moon; their astrological energy likewise draws from the symbolism of the Sun and Moon in your chart. So although there are certain qualities common to all those Disseminating-born, further characteristics emerge from your specific Sun/Moon combination. Since this is a moon-based report, rather than give you a ďcookbookĒ interpretation of this pairing, Iíd like toĒ invite you now to call in your own intuition Ė to make a more imaginatively accurate sense of the astrology.

Your Sun is in the sign of Scorpio. The Sun brings awareness and life force, and energizes your awakened self. This is the daytime part of your being, the active, achievement-oriented you. You can read about this sun sign in any astrology book, but if you were to reach inward for your own experience of this energy, how would you describe it? Moon-mind often thinks in sounds, pictures or sensations. If your moon-mind were to visualize this energy as some real or imagined animal, what might that animal be? How would it look, how would it sound, how would it move? You might want to get out a sheet of paper and see what your moon-mind comes up with. Create a picture of yourself in daytime mode. What does this solar being want? Where does it like to spend its days?

Your Moon is in the sign of Leo, ruling your nocturnal self, that part of you that weaves the emotional stories of your day into nighttime dreams. This is the sensitive and nurturing visionary within. If this lunar energy also took form, as some real or imagined creature, revealing the part of you that comes out at night, what would it be? How would it move? What would it eat? How would it sound? What does it want? Once you have these images clear, imagine, if you can, that these two animals merge into a uniquely wonderful creature, that blends the qualities of both your daytime and nighttime selves. Sink into this creatureís skin. What does this being most want from the world? Why is it here? What does it have to offer? As you get more familiar with the Disseminating phase in the coming months, see whether you can add even more insights to this moon phase nature. Yours will be an insiderís authentic knowledge.

Leo moon

The Moon was in Leo the day you were born, a warm, generous, and highly creative Moon. Some say your Moon Sign represents your Sun Sign in a previous life. Whether or not this is literally true, the Moon sign does seem to describe deep and instinctive emotional reactions, at work long before you had the words to articulate them. Itís like an emotional "starter set," a developed soul memory that jump starts the emotional receptors when you touch earth again in a new body. Being a familiar energy, itís comfortable. It describes how you most wanted to be welcomed into the world. It is through this lunar filter that you first reached out to your mother for nurturing, and how you still want nurturing today.

As a proud and dignified Leo Moon, you probably remember a prior life when you occupied a position of some stature. Leo is the sign of the king, and though you may not literally have been a king in a past life, you nonetheless were likely in a position of some importance, and so, being considered someone special probably feels familiar to you. You probably feel safest and most secure when youíre the center of everyoneís attention. And it also follows that the opposite scenario may be quite unsettling to you. Being left out, ignored or ridiculed is especially painful for Leo Moons. You thrive on praise and recognition, and may suffer in situations when your specialness is not acknowledged.

One of the nicest features of the Leo personality is its warm and loving nature. As long as you feel youíre getting the acknowledgement you need, you will probably shower lots of love and affection on those around you. Youíre also likely to be quite generous, as long as you feel duly appreciated for your gifts. Leo Moons typically have a sunny nature, feeling more comfortable showing upbeat, positive feelings than they do their deeper vulnerabilities and needs. This is a sign of the actor, so you might find yourself sometimes exaggerating your feelings too, particularly when you feel left out or ignored. But, make no mistake, youíre not doing this on purpose, itís just that dramatizing the feelings comes naturally. Emotions feel big for Leo Moons. Thereís also a lot of pride and dignity wrapped up in the Leo Moonís sense of self, so you donít enjoy having fun poked at your emotional displays. Few want to be laughed at, but this is especially true for the Leo Moon. Nor does this Moon cope particularly well with loneliness. Leos love to be around other people. You may need to build a few special friendships in your life to keep you going during lonely times.

Of course itís impossible to reduce the complexity of your insides to one or two simple needs. Your astrological chart, being made up of eight other planets positioned across twelve different houses, reflects this complexity -- and an in-depth reading of the whole chart will give more of the full picture. But for now itís important to understand that your Leo Moon is an important side of your nature that needs to be honored.

Leo is the natural sign of the child and thereís a wonderfully creative and playful spirit in this placement. Youíll keep yourself young as long as you provide outlets for this spirited side of nature. Make time for playing and for being creative daily! Leo likes to live in a positive and optimistic key. Youíll thrive most under words of encouragement and will want to gravitate towards sunny, happy times.

Planets aspecting your moon

You were born at the tail end of the Disseminating phase Ė which means your Moonís waning square to the Sun also resonates with the qualities of the Last Quarter Moon phase -- an intense, thoughtful, and dynamic energy. A Moon/Sun square implies a conflict between your instinctive emotional nature and your emerging identity this lifetime. Your Moon nature is often accumulated over many lifetimes, while the Sun represents what is uniquely developing this lifetime. Notice these two sides of yourself and how they operate as inner voices and advisors -- can you identify which wants to pull you forward, and which wants to pull you back into emotional habits? Although this is an aspect of tension, it doesnít necessarily suggest difficulty -- sometimes it is just this inner tension and friction that will motivate you to outgrow your old comfort zones and risk new behaviors. The path of inner reflection will be especially important to you -- because there will likely be few other role models for this integration.

Your Moonís waning semi-square to Venus adds yet another layer to your emotional experience this lifetime. Both the Moon and Venus represent qualities we tend to associate with "anima" or the "feminine" -- nurture, grace, receptivity, beauty, body, and relationship skill. This is an aspect of friction, so when the Moon and Venus are in tension, it suggests there may be some difficulty with the feminine. Itís like a developmental assignment, to coordinate beauty and nurture, your needs for love and security. In a manís chart this can initially manifest as difficulty in relationships with women, suggesting perhaps an inner conflict between what you want and need from your female relationships. In a womanís chart this may express as an insidious yet powerful inner split, making it difficult to integrate and reconcile oneís various roles as a woman, or, bottom line, accept oneself! Either way, your relationships with women may be the mirror to how well youíve integrated this aspect within yourself. Keep in touch with your self esteem with this aspect; you may be routinely inclined to take care of others more than yourself, which is not always the best policy! Since this is a waning/transformative aspect, the suggestion is that youíre shedding and healing old patterns of relating with the feminine principle; this is the lifetime for expressing greater forgiveness and compassion. (Note: Some consider the semi-square a minor aspect, one thatís more subtle or internalized, but given that inner frictions often find their reflection in outer realities, this aspect can be just as dynamic as the more traditional oppositions and squares.)

Your Moon is also in a waning inconjunct aspect to Mars -- which can energize your emotions, intensify your ambition and anger, and at times complicate the emotional dependencies. An aspect of tension, the waning inconjunct suggests that difficult or humbling experiences with aggression can form the basis of profound teachings you can share with others. Let the warrior and mother archetypes find new ways to speak to and through you. Your work will be in reconciling the part of you that is sensitive, needy and supportive with another side of your nature, that like the Greek goddess Artemis, enjoys solitude, independence, and the hunt. Moon/Mars individuals may sometimes have difficulty expressing their warrior energy. A strong influence from your childhood may have taught you to repress your desires and drive for achievement, so that it comes out now in uneven, sometimes toxic ways. Learning to balance the soft and strong sides of your nature is part of your journey. You may also with this aspect attract females who are strong and combative; such relationships may ultimately help you work out your own lunar issues. Inconjuncts suggest the need to bring something in your nature into a stronger balance -- they also imply a remarkably positive capacity to realize and contain paradox.

Your Moonís waxing square to Saturn adds yet another layer to your emotional experience this lifetime. What might a Saturn/Moon aspect say about you? It suggests that at some point as a child, a time before words or conscious understanding, your childís heart reached hungrily for warmth, for love, for nurture -- and found itself touching the cold, hard, lonely face of Saturn instead. At that moment, you grew up real fast. (Saturn represents maturity and age.) You learned about limits, loneliness and want. You also learned about taking care of yourself. Moon/Saturn individuals are capable, hard-working and sturdy. Yet there is often this ghost of a child inside who from time to time reaches for love and nurture, hoping for a different response, and then finds Saturn again. This experience may have happened once, or a hundred times, but its impact lies at the core of your nature. It may have even taught you to take care of others at the expense of yourself. It represents both whatís good about you and what sometimes hurts. This is a waxing/building aspect which suggests your confidence and strength will come from releasing the hurts of the past. If you donít let go, itís like swimming with stones in your pocket.

Your natal Moon is also colored by its waxing opposition to Uranus -- a creative, highly individualistic, even rebellious vibration. This can be an excitable energy, and can make you seem unpredictable, strong-willed or even defensive at times to others. The electricity of Uranus is not particularly compatible with the more innately watery element of the Moon -- which can make tuning into your own emotional life, or forging intimate relationships with others sometimes problematic. Some suggest this stems from the early childhood nurture of a mother who, for whatever reason, did not fit smoothly into the traditional maternal role and may have felt to you at times unreliable, unpredictable, or more cerebral than warm. Yet this is also what probably fostered your self-reliance and strong intuitive genius. The intuition of a Moon/Uranus often works like lightening -- in sudden flashes of insight. You may have had many lifetimes of being inventive yet feeling "different" from those around you. This is a lifetime for healing your feelings of alienation -- recognize that one of humanityís secrets is that everyone feels different inside. Because this is an opposition aspect, it may be that you sometimes meet your Moon in others -- that is, others may act out aspects of your Moon for you to see. With Uranus, you may find your buttons pushed by those who are either too eccentric or too normal, either overly dependent or extremely independent. Those who donít have oppositions in their chart have a harder time seeing other points of view -- so the great gift of oppositions is how they encourage your understanding and sympathy for any "opponents." Practice the art of reversal -- recognize what you oppose in the outer world may be just another expression of something inside you!

Your natal Moon being in a waning opposition to Neptune increases the sensitivity of this placement, emotionally and psychically. Positively this can bring you into higher vibrations of compassion and sensitivity; negatively this can lead to fantasies and escapism. Vision and imagination can be strong with Neptune aspecting your Moon; allowing yourself outlets for creative as well as spiritual expression may be important. Keeping strong psychic boundaries is also important with Neptune so close to your Moon -- you may at times act unconsciously as a "psychic and emotional vacuum cleaner." If you suddenly get feelings and donít know why, it may be that youíve picked them up from someone else! Because this is an opposition aspect, it may be that you sometimes meet your Moon in others -- that is, others may act out aspects of your Moon for you to see. With Neptune, you may find your emotional buttons pushed by "space cadets" or perpetual "victims," those whose reality looks more like an unreal fantasy to you. Whenever you have a strong emotional response to someone, itís a good policy to ask yourself if what you donít like in them is actually an unacknowledged part of yourself, what is known as the "shadow" self. This wonít always be true, but since our shadow selves often sit in our blind spot, itís an interesting question to pose from time to time.

Your Moonís waning conjunction to the North Node adds yet another layer to your emotional experience this lifetime. Since the North Node represents an area of experience that may be new territory for the soul, this area is paradoxically both difficult and blessed for success. Itís what your soul wants you to reach for -- even though it may sometimes feel like youíre not at all up to the challenge! Enter into your emotions as a profound teaching; reject nothing, take each difficult experience as a learning to strengthen and develop your heart and mind. The Nodeís connection with the Moon suggests your emotional, intuitive nature may be the best doorway to this lifeís development; dealings with women or the public may also be favored. Since this is a waning aspect (with the Moon behind the Node, approaching their conjunction), the suggestion is youíve accumulated some good karma, and that your generosity and compassion in previous lifetimes are being rewarded now.

Leah: I only like to explore the tension aspects of the Moon, because thatís where all the action is! The more flowing and harmonious aspects of trines and sextiles (like your trine to Mercury) do have an expression and some implications, but theyíve always seemed much softer and less interesting than the hard aspects. They may or may not have a noticeable effect, so Iím never sure what to say about them!

Tenth house moon

The exact time and place you were born determines the location of the Moon in your chart, which adds yet another layer to this lunar side of you. Your Tenth House Moon carries a strong maternal imprint -- suggesting that your mother may have had a greater than average impact on how you choose to deal with the outer world, or that she had a strong influence on your chosen profession. Sometimes a Tenth House Moon indicates a reversal of parental roles, either that your mother was more fatherly, or your father was more motherly, or that one of your parents took on both roles. Either way, the influence on your personality may be such that early in life you instinctively learned how to be very nurturing and protective of others; the downside of this placement is that you may feel more responsible for othersí feelings than your own. You need to keep checking in with this Moon to see that your emotional needs are getting fed too -- or the needy child within may try to provoke your attention with an unwanted public display.

Security and respect are probably important to you. Your sensitivity and receptivity to others are also likely to be strong, and may incline you towards more intuitive or service-oriented professions. Sometimes a Tenth House Moon can indicate fame, with this position of the Moon describing someone quite visible to the public. More negatively, it may bring unwanted attention, or inconsistency and depression in terms of your career. Itís up to you to work this energy into its most profitable forms.

Each of the twelve houses in an astrology chart represents different aspects of life. But itís hard to conceive of an area of your life that does not involve the Moon. You take her emotional engagement, her self-protective and nurturing instincts, her receptivity and changeability into many areas of your life. So the Moonís residence in a particular house of the chart does not mean this is the only place sheíll manifest -- rather, itís where sheís most comfortable, where she instinctively returns for nurture and renewal. Itís her home. So when you feel lost or disconnected from your emotional nature, seek experiences in this house to awaken the connection again. A Tenth House Moon will especially need engagement in respected and socially valued activities. Develop an area of life where you can be an authority instead of a child. Your career or public persona (whether this literally coincides with your "job" or not) is an important area of nurture.

Compatibility: Leo with other moon signs

People often consult astrologers when they meet someone new and find themselves falling in love. Is this one, they wonder, The One? Do the heavens favor this match? The Moon figures in this analysis, but the early planetary players of attraction are more often the Ascendant and Venus or Mars. A relationshipís sticking power may come from the positions of Saturn and the Moonís Nodes. But eventually the Moon plays a significant role in compatibility. As your instinctive emotional skin, it describes how you reach for comfort on a daily basis. It says how you like to be nurtured. So Moon signs tell, much better than Sun signs, if youíre actually going to enjoy living with this person over time.

If you meet someone with a Leo Moon, youíll feel an immediate, nonverbal affinity, since both of you will be coming from the same emotional place. Whether or not this will make for a good relationship really depends on what you want. If you want someone comfy who responds to life just as you do, find a Leo Moon, or another fire sign like Aries or Sagittarius. If you want to be challenged or taken beyond yourself, look for an Aquarius, Scorpio or a Taurus. If you want a different perspective which, with a little work, can fit quite smoothly alongside your own, look for a Gemini or a Libra Moon. Capricorn or Pisces Moons might always feel a little uncomfortable.

Remember, however, though important, thereís much more to anyoneís chart than just the Moon. You and someone else might have quite compatible Moons, but have conflict everywhere else in your charts! Ultimately, no matter what else is going on in your chart, youíve got more options in relationships when you can understand your own emotional needs and arenít waiting for the perfect person to come along and intuitively know how to fulfill them! Taking time each day to honor the needs of your Tenth House Leo Moon will go a long way towards ensuring your happiness and emotional peace.

Relationships in the age of Aquarius

Remember the song from Hair, "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..."? Itís true. We are entering a new age. After nearly two thousand years in the Age of Pisces, weíre entering a new Aquarian Age. One of the things that will change in Aquarius is our way of thinking about relationships. Pisces was a very romantic, idealistic era, that sent us searching for an ideal partner, a soul mate with whom we might one day merge and become one. Pisces was about the knight in shining armor rescuing his princess, about an outer love that could make our inner life worthwhile. In the Pisces days, one could typically hand over his lunar needs for his partner to fulfill. This model rarely works anymore; it isnít meant to!

Aquarius asks us to take much greater responsibility for determining our own happiness. Instead of looking for someone to rescue us, to complete us, or to make us happy, Aquarius asks us to enter into equal partnerships -- not from dependency, but out of interdependency. The image of Aquarian relationship is of two trees standing next to one another, their branches intertwined, even leaning against one another in places, but each has its own separate root system, its own internal supports. Weíre the pioneers for this new age. Weíll be teaching later generations about this new kind of relationship and developing new romantic myths, shattering the old sexual stereotypes, and talking about loving with an open hand. Itís exciting and liberating to be able to take care of your own emotional needs. This is called having a relationship with yourself! Thereís a lot of healing work ahead for the family of man; only strong, emotionally whole and responsible beings will achieve it.



The soulís arrow

What are the ďNodesĒ of the Moon? To astronomers, they are imaginary points of intersection in space, where the Moonís path around the Earth crosses the Earthís path around the Sun. To ancient Hindu astrologers, the Nodes are demons: Rahu and Ketu, a beast which the god Vishnu severed after it drank the godsí forbidden elixir of immortality. Contemporary Western astrologers read the Moonís Nodes as clues to your psychological nature, with the North Node depicting an area of development (often of untapped potentials), and the South Node an area of stagnation. I like to call the Nodes "the soulís arrow" -- for to me they give a powerful description of your soulís desired direction this lifetime. What did you most come here to do? Thatís what the Moonís Nodes will tell you!

Given these are the Moonís Nodes, they may draw you into some deeply emotional territories. Working with them often means facing some of your toughest issues. Your Nodes being in the signs of Leo and Aquarius raise the emotional assignments of celebrating your unique and creative self (whatís special about you) as well as joining in a selfless global concern. Joys are passion and playfulness, creativity and leadership; skills are objectivity, progressive thinking, the ability to stand apart from others to help them along. But initially you might find that one or more of these qualities is out of balance (perhaps too detached or too full of pride); thereís a fear or inhibition that needs to be worked through.

Your Nodes falling across the Tenth and Fourth houses make the following important themes: harmonizing your child-self with your adult-self; this means learning to value both of them. You have a special sensitivity to issues of dependency and taking charge, and may initially lean towards one or the other. You are here to balance both the feminine and patriarchal (or structuring) values. You are here to give and receive nurture Ė as well as take responsibility and claim your authority.

I like the "karmic" perspective on the Nodes, which suggests that the South Node describes past life karma, your psychic history, and the North Node your current life dream, what your soul most wants to develop this lifetime. They summarize what conditions you came from, and where youíd like to be heading. To my way of thinking, the soul isnít into repetition. If you were Shakespeare in a past lifetime, youíre probably not meant to win Pulizters for your plays this time around. The soul is attracted to the earth plane because the hard surfaces of earth reality are the ingredients for development -- and what your soul is trying to develop is a new wholeness by way of balance. What you didnít get last time, youíll work on this lifetime. At the North Node you are developing experience at something entirely new. And even though you might approach this experience with some trepidation, thereís a kind of fairy dust associated with it. Youíre often blessed with success in that direction.

Leo North node in the tenth house

You are blessed with innate gifts for leadership and creative expression with the Leo North Node. Yet a certain timidity may hold you back from fully developing these gifts. Perhaps you expect too much from yourself ("If I canít be great, then why bother?"). Or though outwardly sociable, you may be inwardly quite shy. Perhaps youíre used to fostering othersí goals rather than your own. You might continually lose yourself in a web of social connections -- but who is the "self" that youíre losing? This lifetime youíre meant to learn how to love deeply. Such love will require you to first learn how to love and honor that "self" deep inside you. Next you will have to risk expression of that inner fire over and over again, whether itís through deeply loving another person or some creative work. Youíre meant to express yourself, to show off sometimes, to make your mark on the world, to shine. With practice (and not without some painful lessons), your inner creative fire will build, so that it becomes a bright and passionate light to warm and inspire those around you.

A strong mission of the Tenth House North Node is to reach for honor and rewards this lifetime, but you may initially hold yourself back from achieving this success. Though this is meant to be a lifetime for developing independence and a powerful outer reach, you may get trapped in the odd dependency of always serving those who seem to need you first. Thereís a danger of getting trapped in a string of real or imagined responsibilities that keep you from becoming all that you can become. Sometimes itís a strong connection to family that holds you back. Endlessly serving them or forever seeking their approval may be pointing you in the wrong direction, or at the very least, draining your energy! What dreams did you have for yourself as a child? How far have you let yourself climb? Donít be afraid to look out for yourself and let go of toxic connections if you need to. Find the joys in your professional life. Convert your capacity to caretake into goal-tending Ė youíve got the capacity to focus and make real things happen in the real world. Discover (if you havenít already) the true secret of self-discipline Ė itís simply keeping what you want in mind. Youíre here to be an authority, to be respected by others, to be looked up to and admired for your competence in the outer world!

Your Moon is conjunct the North Node, suggesting it can further your soulís purpose to be intuitive and nurturing. You may have a particularly strong connection with the archetype of the Mother Goddess. The Moon here can sometimes imply the ability to reach a lot of people; your talents may become well known.

These astrological keys may trigger recognition of one or more dreams youíve long wanted to achieve but have been afraid to commit your all to. How does it feel to do something entirely new? Something you have no experience with, have built up no confidence level in? Itís a little uncomfortable, isnít it? Even if itís something youíre excited about doing, thereís a real temptation to run away. And so it is with the North Node, though itís something weíre pointing towards, we may spend our lives wishing for it, but actively avoiding it, and thus staying the comfort zone of the South Node.

And thatís the other side of the coin. How comfortable is the familiar? Even a bad experience is compelling if itís familiar. The trouble you know is often safer than the trouble you donít know, right? Which is why many people stay in bad relationships rather than risk the unknown of moving on. I bring up bad relationships because the South Node sometimes has the character of a bad relationship, something that limits our development, hinders us in some way. Even though the South Node represents talents weíve mastered and achieved, it also carries fears and belief systems that hold us back. And part of the soulís intent is to clear their sticky hold.

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